Yamaha P115 Review 2020- Pros & Con’s

Overview of the Yamaha p115 

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If you are a music enthusiast you must have heard about the great models of pianos produced by Yamaha. There are different models you get in the market, so the option is yours on which one to choose. One of the best models that you can select and get the value of the money you spend is the Yamaha P125 review. This is a type of a digital piano that is designed with the end user in mind. It is designed to give the best music experience to both beginners and experienced piano players.

This is a dream piano that every person who spends even ten minutes a day would love to have. The good thing is that it is affordable, meaning that even if you are working on a limited budget, you can still buy it and have a great music experience. Despite that it costs less, its performance is of high quality just like other professional pianos. Its high performance is made possible because of the presence of GHS weighted key action that works juts like keys of an acoustic piano. The piano is usually lighter on the lower end and tends to get heavier as you move up higher. Its sound is a pure reproduction of grand pianos and this is the main reason why this model of piano is regarded highly regarded among many musicians.

Yamaha p115 Model

Yamaha p115 is also a favorite model among many people because of the presence of a controller app. This is an app that gives you the opportunity to do a lot of things in a remote manner. Therefore, you do not have to touch it as long as you are connected to an iPhone or Ipad. You can get connected to these devices using a USB that is connected to a host port. When it comes to amplifying of the integrated speakers, the good thing is that only less amplification is needed. This is especially if you would like to use it in your home. However, in case you need an additional push, it is also possible for you to connect its speakers with a headphone to the AUX headphone jack that usually does not cut the speakers. Just like other models produced by Yamaha that amaze many people, Yamaha p115 is no exception.

When you have a first glance at the Yamaha p115, you notice the graded hammer standard action keys. This is the mechanism that Yamaha uses in the introduction level of its systems. However, it is not inferior when compared to all others. When you compare Yamaha p115 with a real piano, the feel of each of its keys is well articulated right down to the weight and resistance. When you just press any of its low keys, you will get a light spring action. However, as you move up to the higher notes, they get a bit heavier. In case you are not used to playing realistic keys like these, it might take some time to be used, but when you are used, you will start enjoying the music experience in a better way. You will have an experience that you cannot get from other less costly keyboards.

When it comes to the real notes, you might feel that it is not the best when you get to the higher ends. This is especially if you are the kind of a piano player who likes hitting repetitions over one hundred and twenty. However, this should never be a major issue because all the pianos that cost the same amount as the Yamaha p115 do the same. In most cases, there is no need to have such high note, but if the need arises, you can try and do it.

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Sound Quality

On the part of the quality of the sound produced, you will get 100 percent satisfaction on the one that you will get when playing this model of piano. It is definite that you cannot ask for anything more than what you will receive from the Yamaha p115. All you need to do is to increase the volume up to the maximum and put sensitivity to the normal. By doing this, you will reproduce an acoustic piano instantly. If you have headphones, it might be necessary to reduce the volume to avoid piercing your eardrums because the volume can go high to the extreme. When playing the Yamaha p115 you will receive a wide range of effects and voices. This means that you can get any sound that you want to have as you play. The Yamaha P115 is designed with more focus put on quality, but not quantity. Therefore, you can rest be assured of getting the best experience as you play despite that you will not have spent a lot buying it.

It is very evident that this type of piano is the best option for starters who are new to playing keyboards. This means that if you are a beginner, this is the type of piano that you should invest in. It is easy to learn how to play it within a very short time because of its simple design. The piano does well in providing feel and sound that you can get from an acoustic piano. All you can be assured is that you will not regret the amount that you will spend purchasing it. However, you will need to note that it is heavy when it comes to weight and it is also not small. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best results when using it, it is also good to invest in a piano stand or ensure that you have a permanent place where you put it. This will save you the hassles involved in having to move it often as you play.

Advantages of the Yamaha p115

When you purchase this type of piano, there are several benefits that you will enjoy, that you cannot if you buy other models. Here are some of the pros of Yamaha p115.

  • Sturdy and stable 

One of the greatest benefits that you get is that this is a piano that is very strong. It is stable and sturdy meaning that it cannot fall easily or even get damaged when it is exposed to different impacts. Its solid and heaviness give you an assurance that you are investing in a piano that will last for long and offer you value for your money.

  • Ability to connect to headphone and speakers

The ability that the keyboard has to connect it to headphones and speakers is one of the things that make it unique. What this means is that it is possible for you to use the integrated computers and headphones simultaneously. It is hard to get this level of flexibility from other types of pianos of the same size and price range.

  • Amazing and unique keys 

Yamaha p115 has unique and amazing keys. However, it might take you some time to get used to playing these keys, but when you get used, you will find it very easy and interesting to play them. However, if you are used to playing a fully weighted digital piano, you will not find challenges playing it.

  • Top notch sound 

Another great thing that makes the Yamaha p115 a great choice is that it produces top notch sound. This is what makes it be categorized in high-level performance grand stage pianos. So, if you would like to play it during any kind of performance this is the best option for you. All that you will need to do is to make sure that you get a good pair of speakers that will help in amplifying the sounds in the right manner. The speakers are also good looking that makes it not only produce high notch sound but also makes it have an elegant look.

  • Long warranty period

The Yamaha p115 is offered with a warranty of three years. This warranty covers the entire package and this shows that the manufacturer has high-level confidence and trust with its quality and durability. Therefore, when you buy it, you will have peace of mind knowing that for any issues that might arise you will not incur extra expenses because it is covered by this warranty.

  • Cost-effective

Another great benefit of this kind of piano is that it is a cost-effective option, meaning that you do not strain in your budget. It is one of the most affordable intermediate digital pianos that you can get in the modern market. This makes it a great option for beginners who do not have to spend a lot of money in the process.

Major features of Yamaha p115

The piano is rich in features that make it a perfect option for both beginners and also experienced players. Below are some of the major features.

Well-positioned tweeters 

One of the greater features of Yamaha p115 is that it has tweeters that are positioned well making all those who are hearing have the ability to hear every sound signature that is produced by the piano. It is possible to hear all the sounds produced naturally on both sides. The final result that you get is the right stereo experience that comes from the integrated speakers.

Digital piano controller 

The piano also has a digital piano controller that makes it possible for you to perform several roles using iPhone or iPad. Some of the functions include voices, rhythm, and many others. This makes it a more versatile piano.

Integrated rhythms 

Yamaha p115 has a wide range of built-in rhythms that you can select from. Some of the inbuilt rhythms that you can select include drum rhythms, swing beats, and rock shuffles. This means that you have the opportunity to play and enjoy the different rhythms according to the music you are playing or the ones that you enjoy playing.

Great connectivity 

Another feature of the Yamaha P115 is that it is possible to connect it using amplifiers or speakers. This is made possible because of the availability of AUX ports. In case you decide to make use of the headphones there is also no need to disable the speakers. In case you would like to connect it to computers or even your tablet there is a host port or USB port that makes the connection possible.

Several styles available

There are also different styles that are available. This makes it possible to turn your piano into a full music production system. This gives you an opportunity to have different chords and melodies on the right side. Therefore, you get the best experience as you play all the songs that you like.

Conclusion on the Yamaha P115

The Yamaha p115 is a great instrument that you will love to have regardless as to whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. The good thing is that it is more advanced meaning that if you are a beginner, it will be possible for you to learn how to play it and become a professional keyboard player fast. It is a piano that can offer you a kind of playing experience that you might not get from most of the other models of pianos that you have in the market. The piano can especially do great on stage as long as is integrated with high-quality pieces of speakers. When it comes to key actions, quality of the sound produced and all other features that you get from this keyboard, it is done using the guidelines that Yamaha follow it all its piano models.

This means that when you invest in Yamaha p115 you get nothing, but an exceptional instrument. When you compare it with the price it is sold, you will get an amazing deal because of its high quality and durability. The three years warranty also makes it a great piano for anyone to buy. All you have to do is to make sure that you take due diligence as you make the purchase. This is because it is possible for you to get some fake ones that you might get in the market. Check for professional advice to avoid making such mistakes that might end up being very costly to you.

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