What is the Best Digital Piano For Beginners?

5 Best Digital Piano for Beginners

If you are here reading this page, hopefully, you are a beginner and are looking for the best digital piano for beginners, right? Let us tell you that you are the most perfect place possible as you will get to know everything about the best digital piano for beginners and a lot more.

We will review 5 best digital piano models in this article but that will not be all. We will also talk about lots of interesting stuff especially for the beginners so that life becomes a bit easier for you. I still remember the day when I was searching for information to buy my first piano. It was a terrible experience.

I was the first among my friend group to buy a piano and nobody knew anything to help me with! I researched online and nothing was there at all! If you are reading this article, let me tell you that you don’t have to face that situation, I promise!

Initially we will talk about the reviews in this article and later on, we will also be focusing on tips and strategies that you should know as a beginner when you buy the piano for yourself.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that if you are a newbie, you should always start small and slow when you are buying the first digital piano. Well, this is a weird statement. If you buy a bad digital piano at the very first level and lose the interest of playing piano completely, those are the people who will come and tell you again that you are a bad learner.

Therefore, the best idea is to stick to the basics when it comes to buying a piano. We did a thorough calculation before selecting this 5 piano as beginner friendly options for you guys. The most important part that we focused on was the ease of use, being easy to learn and fun! Hopefully, you will have an awesome experience with one of these models. Let’s go.

1. Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

This is the first one on our list and you can buy it with your eyes closed. A lot of people have stated their music career with this beautiful piano from Williams and you can do the same. This is an 88 key model with semi-weighted keys and there are different sounds that you can get from the piano.

It can provide music of piano, electric piano, and organ, bass too. We already talked about this product in our best digital piano article so we will only be covering the basics now. It runs on batteries and the piano is super portable.

The price is very handy as well and if you are thinking that you should spend less as you are new, this is the piano that you should invest in.


2. Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

This is another repetition from our best digital piano article. Yamaha is a great brand their product P115 will definitely catch your attention. There are benefits such as 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty but you will go for this piano only because of the basic features and quality.

The knobs are placed so well that it became one of the best pianos to learn. The touch sensitive features will allow you to feel this one as a big acoustic model. If you practice and learn playing piano with this Yamaha P115B model, you can be sure that you do not have to face any problems in playing any digital piano later on.

The sound quality and the compact design will attract you too but we are more focused on the features of this product. Considering the features, this is definitely one of the best digital piano for beginners.

3. Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha is actually one of the finest digital piano brands for beginners. We already covered one of their pianos before and this is another one. The Yamaha P45 is a piano that promotes graded hammer action as well as weighted keys to make your life easy. The touch sensitive keys are easy to play with and those will help you to improve your hand co-ordination.

The sound quality is amazing. You can also record using this piano that gives you extra boost and motivation. The dual mode allows you to combine piano and string voices if required.

The price is very beginner friendly. You will actually enjoy using this product as a beginner. This is a product that you start as a beginner but still, continue when you are a semi-pro.

4. Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano

The next one on our list is the Casio Privia and it is commonly known as the PX160 or Casio PX160 model in the market. If you have digital piano knowledge, then you will know that this is an upgraded version of the very famous Privia PX150 model from the same brand.

The main feature of this PX160 is the tri sensor hammer and the action that it provides. The keyboard has ivory and ebony feel (in keys) which will make you feel like a rock star. The speed and quality along with perfection is something that Casio is famous for and you do not need to worry about those qualities for this one either.

The dual headphone is a simple but handy feature to have as a beginner as you can easily co-ordinate with your teacher or another friend while practicing. You can also easily connect the piano with computing devices which is awesome too. All in all, this is a simple yet handy digital piano to have as your first one.

5. Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano

Ok yes! We are extremely sorry that we had to pick another Yamaha digital piano in such a short list of 5 best digital piano for beginners. We had no other options. For some reason, Yamaha has always been the top choice among beginners in the piano industry and now we know why!

If sound, touch, and feel, these are the things that generate your attention then you will love P105. Yamaha is always good with features and this one is no different. The piano has an interesting graded hammer action and the sensitive key actions are worth noticing.

There are lots of modification options that you can go for while using this piano. There are different piano styles as well as patterns (drumming pattern, electric pattern and so on) to make things interesting. The connectivity with outer devices is good too. All in all, there is no reason that why you would hate this product as a beginner.

We already have a buying guide for digital piano users. This guide is completely different than that one as this is a guide where we discussed things from a beginner’s perspective. This is a guide that only a beginner can relate too so if you are not a beginner, you can check our best digital piano article as that one has a generic buying guide.

For now, let’s go ahead and look at the things that a beginner must consider before buying his/her first piano.

Keyboard or a Piano?

Though we are already inside this article looking for an awesome piano, you can think again that whether you need a digital piano or a keyboard will do the trick for you. There are musicians who use keyboards and digital piano interchangeably and that has its own advantage and disadvantage too. Keyboards are portable but they have fewer keys and therefore, less variation in music. On the other hand, pianos have that royal touch and more options in terms of keys.

Golden rule: When you are buying a digital piano, you actually have the ability to replicate the sound of a keyboard simply by changing some settings. Therefore, if you are confused that whether you should buy a piano or a keyboard, you can think of that too.

The 88 Key Rule

A lot of new musicians or people who do not have enough knowledge on digital piano might suggest you go for less keys as a beginner. They will suggest you go for 76 or even 61 keys in some cases but you should not listen to them. The main benefit of a piano is the ability to use 88 keys and as a beginner, you should not run away from that. A regular grand size acoustic piano will also have 88 keys and you should always try to replicate that.

Also, when you will learn to play good music on 88 keys, it becomes a lot easier, later on, to deal with less number of keys. On the other hand, if you are starting small, it becomes even tougher to go big later on.

Touch Sensitive Keys Are Always Better

Touch sensitive keys are always known as high touch velocity keys. Don’t get shocked seeing that tough name because what it simply means is that the harder you press the key, the louder the piano will sound.

It is very important to have touch sensitivity or high velocity in the digital piano that you are planning to buy. If all keys sound in the same tune and volume, you will never be able to touch the heart of your listeners. Those loud and micro tunes are the ones that attract people most.

Always Choose Good Brands

When we were doing our research, we found a few other brands similar or a bit less in terms of quality with Yamaha and Casio. We still picked those big brands for you because they have the history. It is important that you always go for the good brands as these are the brands that will make your first time experience awesome. When you are not having a quality experience on the first digital piano, you will carry that baggage for your life. Let’s not let that happen.


It is more important to think about budget when you are a newbie than when you are already a digital piano expert (both music wise and knowledge wise). When you are buying the first piano, you should ask yourself very carefully that whether you will practice and learn this amazing equipment or not. Think about your track record. Do you always learn the things that you plan on learning? If yes, then you can go ahead.

The best practice is not crossing the $1000 mark when you are buying the first digital piano. Buy the first one and play with that. You will then know on your own that whether you should go for the next level or not.

Extra Tips for The Beginners

This is a fun section that we thought of including at the end of this article. There is nothing much to know though. All these are basic stuff which either your teacher will tell you in the first class or is based on simple common sense. Even then, let’s have a look at the tips:

  • You should never ever rush on learning or memorizing piano keys. It will happen automatically if you practice properly.
  • Do not rush your learning to play a particular song that you like. Always go in the systematic pattern.
  • The piano is only 30% about your hand-eye coordination. The rest will come from your mind and from the tune that you have in brain. Therefore, do not push your body.
  • Be comfortable when you are sitting with your digital piano. Find a comfortable place where your legs and upper body will stay comfy for a long period of time.
  • Practice, practice and keep on practicing. You will end up being an awesome piano player.

Final Words on the best digital piano for beginners

In general, the final words or the conclusion section of our reviews are not that important to read. Yes we say it. But for this best digital piano for beginners article, we will request you to read this section at least once. We are going to tell you something simple yet important.

A lot of people will suggest you a lot of kinds of stuff when you are buying the first piano. You will suddenly find out that everyone is an expert on pianos. Do not bother to listen to them at all. Yeah some of them might have good opinions but chances are pretty less that you are going to find any help from even those people. You will end up being more confused than before.

We do not want that to happen with you and therefore, we suggest that you do not listen to those people at all. Do your own research and then take help from internet. Internet is your best friend when it comes to searching for the best digital piano for beginners.

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