Alesis VI49 Review

Alesis has changed the world of MIDI controllers abroad Akai and M-Audio and it has been around for a very long time . Based in Rhode Island, Alesis has been working hard to provide quality, simplistic, yet budget MIDI controllers for music producers around the globe.  In this review, let’s take a closer look at beautiful Alesis V49 MIDI controller, with all of its key features and perks. We’ll also compare the MIDI keyboard with its well-known rivals M-Audio Oxygen 49 and Alesis VI49, so you can make a better decision. Let’s look at the entire line of Alesis MIDI keyboards, and before we start and how Alesis V49 storage space against them – you’ll be impressed how well it holds itself! Alesis V49 was made for this singular purpose only, and designed to seamlessly compound with DAWs. It’s been designed incredibly compact, so even if you are working on a MacBook Pro, you’ll have a much easier time transporting Alesis V49 as opposed to other 49-key controllers – it even fits in a standard suitcase!


Alesis V49 features great design. It’s not groundbreaking in any way, but it feels as if it has been designed with love. It’s pretty minimalist, with a simple sleek matte black chassis and a wide array of cool-blue backlit buttons, pads and knobs, that make it look awesome in a dark room. For such a budget controller, this combination makes it feel very professional – a grownup controller. The construction of the V49 matches the cosmetics and feels sturdy and built to last. Overall, very solid.

Expressive Features of Alesis V49 USB Keyboard Controller 

• heavy USB controller is used to control plug-ins and virtual instruments

• Full-sized, synth-action keys with a square front

• 8 velocity and pressure sensitive backlit pads

• 4 illuminated, assignable knobs and 4 buttons

• PitchBend and Modulation wheels

• USB bus powered

• Includes Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition


Great looks aside, the real question is over how this thing performs. Overall, pretty well indeed! Getting used to the layout of controls takes some time, but nowhere near long enough for you to feel frustrated. When you are used to them, it’s a straightforward piece of kit to get to grips with.

The keys are very responsive – up there with some of the higher-end controllers – and will suit a piano player due to the full-size nature. The knobs and wheels are firm, but feel accurate and nice to use. It also performs well across the board with excellent compatibility across all platforms and DAWs.

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There are Following Pros and Cons of Alesis V49


  •     Amazing keybed that’s fun to play
  •     Quality product for a plastic keyboard
  •     Free bundles synth VST plugin
  •     Great bang for the buck


  •   It is not elastic and adaptable as its compete in the same price range
  •   Printer Cable Sticks Out
  •   Software Is Hard To Learn

Keyboard Funcionality

The Alesis V49 is synth-action keyboard, is ideal for two-handed performing – while remaining portable. The V49 gives you a bevy of controls, including pitch and mod wheels, transport controls, and a massive selection of pads, buttons and encoders. You have everything you need to take command of your virtual instruments and plug-ins in the studio or onstage. The flexibility and functionality of the Alesis V49 USB MIDI keyboard controller is something we at Sweetwater know most keyboard players will appreciate.


It is often say that Alesis V49 is unquestionably a piece of beauty and packs a visual punch. With the full-size keys and lack of some features, it is a niche controller that servers a focused purpose. However, for the affordable price, it is functional and versatile, and an awesome choice for anyone looking for their first MIDI keyboard controller.

Alesis vi49 Review

I’ve noticed a fundamental shift in the quality, presentation and marketing that surrounds this brand, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed. In general, The VI series has been receiving little bit of sound since their initial release, and for good reason. The keyboards are cheaper than most of their closest competitors, including Akai, but they pack almost all of the same features, while also packing in a surprisingly fantastic look. I’d even go so far as to say they’re some of the best MIDI keyboards available right now.

Keyboard Functionality

The Alesis VI49 is a semi processed keyboard, It is ideal for two-handed performing – while remaining portable. The VI49 provide you a gathering of controls, including transport controls, pitch and mod wheels, and a massive selection of pads, buttons and encoders. if you need to take command of your DAW and virtual instruments in the studio or onstage, so it provide you everything. The flexibility and functionality of the Alesis VI49 USB MIDI keyboard controller is something we at Sweetwater know most keyboard players will appreciate.

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Main features of the Alesis VI49

• Full-sized, semi-weighted keys

• Square front keys with aftertouch

• 16 pads (pressure and velocity sensitive)

• Multicolor, backlit pads

• 12 assignable knobs, 36 buttons (illuminated)

• Dedicated transport controls

• Modulation and pitch bend wheels

• One sustain input

• Internal clock (sync, tempo, rolls, etc)

• Powered via USB

There are Following Pros and Cons of Alesis vi49


• Fantastic, semi-weighted keys feel great and are fun to play

• 64 total assignable buttons, knobs and pads. Yep, that’s right.

• Sleek and minimal design

• Easily integrates with popular DAW’s


• Semi fragile connections (at least for me)

• Pads aren’t quite as sensitive as I’d like them to be


We noticed in the Akai MPK249 review the backlit colors included seems to be a trend as well. Alesis has always come through with great builds of their products, and if you’re investing in a MIDI keyboard that’s going to last you 3-4 years, this is one to grab. The keys and pads aren’t as top-quality as the Akai or Novation models, but that’s what you’re getting when you save a few dollars. However, we wouldn’t let that steer you away completely, especially if you are on a budget. We can not kick with full-sized and semi-weighted keys here, especially with after touch.


We had no difficulty with this MIDI keyboard with some of the most famous programs, such as Logic Pro. I mean, it comes with Ableton Live Lite (Alesis Edition), so I’d hope mapping is relatively seamless, since it’s the 2010’s after all. There is a lot of functionality with the VI49,  basically full control of your DAW and virtual instruments, whether you want to map with the keys, knobs or buttons available to you. Recording is also reasonably favorable with the pick up controls. I really have no complaints as it seems Alesis knew what to include in this thing.

Comparison Between Alexis VI49 Vs Alesis V49

Finally, we will compare the VI49 against it’s predecessor, the V49. While the V49 was largely praised when it first released, many cited the lack of any pads whatsoever as a huge disappointment, At the point that, especially considering that there were many comparable products include them.

Alesis has understandably learned its program lesson here, and the VI49 adds 16 velocity sensitive touch pads to the equation. Honestly, finding a V49 new in stores is a pretty challenging thing to do these days, and unless you are looking for the cheapest possible option, it probably isn’t even worthwhile to downgrade to the V49 at this point.

Which one Suit’s is better

That depends on what you need from your MIDI controller – there is no better answer. If you plan on creating simple beats with a few lines in a melody, V49 will do. It’s perfect for using the device as a virtual piano, playing chords, and maybe even learning how to play the piano. There is little control over effect here.

However, if you want to take sound engineering and design to the next level and add layers upon layers of effects and processing that you need to control simultaneously, having as many controls as possible is definitely a good thing.

And, of course, you have to think. Clearly, VI49 will come at a higher price (you have to pay for the features after all), so you have to decide if you are ready to pay the premium for features. If you use them, great, VI49 is a great choice!

Alesis VI49 Review Conclusion

Going into my purchase of the VI49, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’d always considered Alesis to be second-fiddle to Akai, and I wasn’t sure I’d really be swayed by Alesis so late in the game. Alesis has released plenty of products in the past, but to be honest, I’ve never really given them much of a chance. Other brands just tended to have what I wanted at the time, and I never stopped to see what made these guys different.

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