Yamaha PSR-E263 Review

The new addition in the Yamaha series is PSR-E263, There is 61-key, entry-level keyboard designed for students and aspiring the musicians or teacher. PSR-E263 offers approximately 112 songs, 130 accompaniment styles, and 400 voices. Deep resources for practice and education is provided by Lesson guides and Yamaha’s Education Suite (Y.E.S.). The songbooks and sheet music is ideal for music rest that has been included.

Hang Together your laptop, smartphone, or MP3 player via the 3.5mm aux input to play along with your favorite songs or backing tracks. Link up your headphones to practice in private, or let sound project through the incorporated amplifiers and speakers. master EQ and effect is use to increase the instrument sounds. Return to the grand piano voice instantly by pushing the Portable Grand button. collect your progress, performance and ideas using the built-in, phrase recorder.

Yamaha PSR-E263 Review

The PSR-E263 is available in both powered by batteries or a power supply seperately. It is available in light weight.

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Specification of PSR-E263


For beginners of all ages, The Yamaha PSR-E263 is an ideal initial measuring instruments. It is expensive and helps you to jump in making music quite easily. PSR-E263 is available in compact portable design and easy operation and it is also perfect keyboard packed with comes in powerful features. Its keyboard have 61 note and offers 400 instrument voices including high dimension sounds of iconic grand pianos. But keep your expectation at check, don’t expect the sound to be like those on YDP 144, 163 or P 125. 

Sound Quality

Yamaha PSR E263 do not lock of sound like most of the entry level keyboard lacks the quality of the sound of the built-in speakers but Yamaha PSR E263 does not comprises on this. The ultra wide stereo gives a large expanded sound. The sound are crispy and crystal clear even when you are playing it on the maximum volume. However I feel that sound are not that much punchy but Hey come on E263 is just around $120 and expecting all these little details doesn’t seems too fair.  Some of the worth mentioning quality effects are reverb and chorus which opens a whole new door for creativity and exploration.

Size & Weight

PSR-E263 is a mid range model of Yamaha portable series, The Height of PSR-E263 is about : 4-3/16 in. You can easy move between spear. It weight is about 8.7 lbs and width is approximately 37 in.


PSR-E263 also allows you shifting more and more toward digital and connected world. On the rear end you will find an aux line input for connecting an mp3 player to play along with your favorite songs. The perfect hour for writers is 3 AM, it is also is also called the hour of creativity, artists and designers so what will you do if your inside pianist soul wants to play some music at 3 AM?


• 400 high-quality Voices, 130 auto accompaniment Styles

• Book contain 112 Songs and available via web download

• Nine-step lesson function (Yamaha Education Suite)

• Master EQ / Ultra Wide Stereo

• concentrated and take away design with battery option (AAx6)

There are Following Pros and Cons of PSR-E263


• 400 clear and fresh voices

• 9-step lesson system

• Recording feature

• Dual mode that change one piano into two type

• Compact layout


• Doesn’t come with power cord. 

• Accompaniment sounds are too loud

• Lacks USB and MIDI inputs

Additional Accessories for the Yamaha PSR-E263

Power Supply

You should always use the manufacturer’s power supply with the Yamaha PSR-E263. If you want to purchase it separately, it is available as a bundle with the keyboard, or as a stand-alone item on Amazon.

Yamaha PSR-E263 Bundles

If you want to have an affordable seat and music stand for the Yamaha PSR-E263, you could get the Yamaha PSR-E263 bundle, that includes a seat, stand, and power supply in one convenient package, that is priced equivalently to purchasing the items individually.

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Foot Pedal

While a foot pedal isn’t necessary when a player is just beginning to learn, it’s a great idea to introduce it as soon as possible. The Yamaha FC4A is a reliable, affordable foot pedal that is designed to complement the PSR-E263, and allows you to learn and take advantage of a wider range of the keyboard’s capabilities.


There’s no denying that piano practice can be annoying for neighbors and family members, and perhaps beginners don’t want others hearing their early missteps. Headphones are an essential accessory for this keyboard, and the OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back headphones are a great choice. The over ear closed back design improves sound quality and isolation, to give players privacy and avoid disturbing others.

Comparison: Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha PSR E363

The Yamaha PSR E363 has 61 touch-sensitive keys, while the Yamaha PSR E263 has 61 standard keys. Additionally, it has 574 sounds and 165 preset styles while the Yamaha PSR E263 has only 384 sounds and 130 preset styles. This model also has 154 internal songs and 48 polyphonic notes stored, while the Yamaha PSR E263 has only 102 internal songs and 32 polyphonic notes. Both keyboards come with:

• A metronome and transposer.

• Dual function.

Unlike the PSR E263, the PSR E363 has a 2 track sequencer and saves up to 5 user songs and comes with 150 arpeggios included. It also has a recording function, recording memory, and a backlit LCD screen. It even supports IOS iPhone / iPod applications that are available.

Comparison: Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha YPT 260

The digital piano Yamaha PSR E263 is usually about 17 € more expensive than Yamaha YPT 260. This two models have a lot of things in common, let´s see it here.Firstly, they both have 61 standard keys and Master EQ. Also, the Yamaha YPT 260 has 384 sounds + 16 drum / SFX kits, just like the PSR E263. Additionally, they have 130 preset styles and 32 polyphonic voices.

One little difference is that the YPT model has 112 default songs while the PSR E263 only has 102 internal songs. Another one is that YPT 260 model has the following effects: reverberation, chorus, and ultra-wide stereo effects. While the PSR A350 only has the functions of chorus and reverberation. Following the similarities, they both have the function of metronome and Transposer. Also, these two models have the one-touch setting function or “1 touch setting function”. Additionally, the models have a learning function and the “Yamaha Education Suite” Moreover, both models have connections of Auxiliary audio input, headphone output and sustained pedal input (sustained pedal not included).

The models have 2 2.5W speakers and both have similar measures (width x depth x height) of 940 x 317 x 106mm and weight 4 kg. Most importantly, these keyboards have support for sheet music and power supply PA-130 They both can work with battery.

Comparison: Yamaha PSR E263 vs Casio CTK 2500

The Yamaha PSR E263 digital piano is usually about 11 € more expensive than the Casio CTK 2500, but with such a small price can have a lot of different characteristics.

Firstly, this Casio model has 61 basic keys and features a piano learning mode just like the Yamaha PSR E263.  It also has 400 sounds, 60 preset demo songs, 100 preset rhythms, and 48 polyphonic notes. Similarly to the Yamaha model it contains 384 sounds (with 16 drum sounds), 102 internal songs, 130 predefined styles, and 32 polyphonic notes. Both models feature reverb and chorus effects. Casio CTK 2500 also has dance music. Additionally, feature a metronome and transposer. They also have a sustain pedal connection and include an external power supply. They can also run on batteries as well.

Why would you purchase the Yamaha PSR-E263?

If you are a beginner and anxious to learn piano lesson, but not sure of going too far without knowing if you’ve got what it takes, the PSR is a great deal for you. You don’t have to disburse a huge amount of money to take piano lessons before you level up to a major league keyboard or piano. You don’t even have to be a melomaniac to be caught by it. For beginner, one of the major aspects is Yamaha Education Lesson Function. This learning system makes piano lessons simple and interesting. And the inbuilt songs and student helpers like the listen, timing and waiting modes really remove the need of a teacher in the first place. A recording mode is another awesome worth of this keyboard . With this you can capture your playing at ease.

The trait that simplifies the job of a teacher is the Duo Mode. This is ideal to teach and play at once on the same keyboard. This function splits the keyboard into two equal parts, so the student can watch and follow the teacher’s playing.

Conclusion Yamaha PSR-E263

For a young learner or even an adult beginner, Yamaha PSR-E263 is an exceptional keyboard. The sound is full and rich, so that adults won’t feel like they are playing with a toy. It has a great library of effects and instrument voices, providing lots of opportunity for learning and experimenting. 

And it’s lightweight, compact, and can be battery-powered, for easy portability anywhere you want to take it, with onboard lessons that mean there is no reason to skip practice. 

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