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The Alesis VI25 is one of the 25 key controllers that we were recommending in 2016, so although it didn’t hold onto its position in the 2017 list, it’s still a reasonably good option. It is Gearank score did not go down this year i should also figure out that point, the reason it didn’t make it into the 2017 list is simply because newer controllers came out that achieved higher scores. Most of the online reviews for the Alesis VI25 are quite positive with this keyboard being much more liked than the lower cost Alesis V25 which scored lower ratings, this is also an advantage.

You will appreciate the full sized keys if you’re a piano or full sized synth player, however you might find the positioning of the Mod wheels a little odd as one reviewer noted, because they are situated above and to the left of the keys instead of being adjacent. Most users report that it’s relatively straight forward to set up with most of the major DAWs, however some did report that they thought there could have been better instructions provided for DAW setup generally.

VI25 also comes in 8 assignable knobs and 24 assignable buttons for act upon the effect plugins and practical instruments: adjust volume levels, tweak parameters, open and close filters, activate effects and more thing. RGB trigger pads have 16 velocity-sensitive allow you to set up clips or finger drum with extraordinary response and colorful visual response. Plus, modulation wheels and pitch inhance the communicative ability of your performance.

Main features of the Alesis VI25 MIDI keyboard

• Dimensions: 12.4 x 24.6 x 4.5 inches

• Full sized, flat-front 25 keys

• Semi-weighted with After touch keys

• Best for hands control of DAW or any plug-ins VST’s

• Also comes with wheels to control modulation and pitch bend

• Pads are multi-color LED lit

• Assignable 8 knobs

• Assignable 24 buttons

• High quality LCD screen

• Power driven by single USB cable (controls data as well)

• Transport and Present buttons (up/down)

• Input for sustain pedal


• Internal clock is used to support rolls, tempo and sync etc.

• Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition & additional MIDI editor software is also included 

  • The Alesis VI25 is a powerful, affordable USB MIDI keyboard controller!

Technical Specification of Alesis V25

There are 25 number of Keys

The Keys type are Full-size, Semi-weighted

After touch: Yes

There are number of Pads is 16

Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel

Encoders/Pots:8 x Knobs, 24 x Buttons

Dedicated Transport Control:Yes

Pedal Inputs:1 x Sustain


USB:1 x Type B




VI25 is the Manufacturer Part Number Alesis VI25

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Advanced 25 key Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller

As a touring musician, I am obsessed with compact, travel friendly MIDI controller, synthesizers and keyboards.  I recently came across the Alesis VI25 on a recommendation from a friend.  While looking for some of the more affordable small midi controllers that I can travel with and beat up a little, I found the Alesis VI25 Midi Keyboard and Drum Pad Controller to be a great option for my life style and songwriting needs while on the road.  My friend that suggested it does not travel and owns the 49 key version of this midi controller and loved it, so for a midi controller under $200 I decided to give this one a whirl and found it to be delightful.  While its slightly bigger than some of the other travel size midi controllers, I find the full size semi weighted keys to be such a bonus.

Pads, Knobs, Buttons

While being fairly compact, the Alesis VI25 USB MIDI Keyboard and Drum Pad Controller is fitted with 16 velocity sensitive trigger pads which are perfect for beat production and sample triggering.  Paired with the 25 full sized, semi weighted keys with aftertouch, the ability to create lots of simultaneous sounds are laid out beautifully.  In addition, there are 24 assignable buttons and 8 assignable knobs, which allow your imaginations to be unleashed.  With a little programming, this board can function as well as some of the best synths and modules or be used for any standard tone or sample you can find on your DAW.  Use these great buttons and knobs to manipulate effects plugins, open and close filters, adjust parameters, change volumes, trigger effects and more!

turning Wheels 

What is an awesome midi controller without flip and wheels of modulation?  I know that, I would not want a midi controller that didn’t have pitch and modulation control.  The Midi Keyboard and Drum Pad Controller of Alesis VI25 have hard pitch and modulation control wheels, which made expression easy and at your finger tips.

About Connections 

Well, you know, USB connections…lol. This controller has both USB and MIDI connections that are simple to use.  The USB connection is made to plug and play with whatever your software might be.  There is also a foot pedal connection, which can be volume, sustain and expression etc.

Rolls, Octaves, Tempos 

Even all the essential features are available in the 25 key version of this midi controller, including Octave up and down, tempo control, roll mode, and value up and down.

functionality of a compact keyboard 

The Alesis VI25 comes with its 25-note semi-weighted keyboard, is ideal for performing – while remaining portable. The VI25 gives you a gathering of controls, including pitch and mod wheels, transport controls, and a massive selection of pads, buttons and encoders. If you need to take command of your DAW and virtual instruments in the studio or onstage, so you have everything . The flexibility and functionality of the Alesis VI25 USB MIDI keyboard controller is something we at Sweetwater know most keyboard players will appreciate.

All of the controls you need, right where you need them to be

The Alesis VI25 comes with USB MIDI keyboard controller and puts a wide selection of controls at your fingertips. There are also the semi-weighted keys themselves, all 25 of which give you aftertouch control. Velocity-sensitive drum pads you also get , 16 RGB backlit let you tap out rhythms and trigger loops, plus the VI25 features a full transport section for running your DAW. All Above the keys are assignable knobs and 24 illuminated, assignable buttons that can be programmed to control the parameters of your favorite virtual instruments. Add that to the pitch and modulation wheels and you have a controller that is ready to take on any project.

compatibility with all of your accommodate provided by USB and MIDI outputs

Whether you use a computer running virtual instruments or MIDI keyboard for your sounds, the VI25 controller will build in awesome with your synth appurtenance. The Alesis VI25 also fit in it with both a 5-pin MIDI output port and a fully class-compliant USB port, which gives you plug-and-play computer connectivity. The Alesis VI25, you take direction of your DAW and Virtual Instruments like never before.

There are Following pros and Cons of Alesis VI25


• There are very high quality semi-weighted keys with after touch

• It is low cost than other most 25-key MIDI keyboards with pad competitors


• Doesn’t come with as much software as competitors

Rating of the Alesis VI25

Alesis’ goal with this new series of keyboards was to focus on studio workflow and live performances (as goes with any MIDI keyboard we guess), but what we really like here is the trend leaning towards the incorporation of both MIDI keyboards and pads. The Alesis VI25 was only seen with a few brands, such as Akai and Novation. We’ve always liked their music equipment. Alesis has been a solid brand for us.

One thing to take into consideration is the competitor of Alesis VI25 , the Akai MPK225. It is $80 cheaper. So what’s the difference? For an in-depth look, here’s our Akai MPK225 review. But one of the biggest differences is the VI25 comes with more pads (the MPK225 has 8). However, In terms of feel, the Akai drum pads are a bit nicer so they provide a better quality. Figure out the Alesis’ Vi25 do not cut it, but they aren’t Akai-esque. Also, the Akai MPK225 available with a many more software. If you are finding for software additions to your gear, we recommend the Akai MPK225. Otherwise, The Alesis VI25 is $80 cheaper than the Akai MPK225 and you should get it.


All I can say is, what happened? This is a really nice piece of hardware that isn’t getting a whole lot of software support. Keep in mind, Alesis could always turn around and give us some updates that include remote scripts and mappings for all your favorite DAWs. At present, I’d probably caution against this controller if you’re new to this. There is a software editor, but unless you have some experience with editors, it’s not really going to do you much good. If you have the time to program this controller, I do think you’ll really enjoy it, over the long run.

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