Yamaha PSSF30 Review

When you’re on the go and inspiration strikes, it’s helpful to have your musical instrument with you. This is often difficult if your instrument is a heavy acoustic piano. The Yamaha PSSF30 is a small and durable portable keyboard best for travel. This 37-key electric keyboard has dozens of features that makes it easy to use, enjoyable to play, and highly functional. If you’re in the market for a portable and lightweight keyboard that allows you to express yourself easily while on the go, the Yamaha PSSF30 could be the best option for you. 

Yamaha PSSF30 Product Features

The most difficult aspect of finding a portable keyboard that suits your needs is finding out all of the features that it has to offer. The Yamaha PSSF30 has well-crafted features that could significantly change the way you think about portable electric keyboards.

One of the most important features associated with this keyboard is the sheer size of it. Typically, keyboards tend to be large, bulky, and difficult to carry. The PSSF30 is just under four pounds heavy, and it is 21 x 9 x 3 inches large. With such a small and sleek profile, you can lift your instrument and carry it anywhere you need to go. Because the keyboard is so small, the keys reflect this size. The keys tend to be smaller than the size of normal keys and are therefore better for people with smaller hands. 

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If you’re just starting to learn how to play the keyboard, the PSSF30 can help you along the way. It comes with over 30 different pre-set songs that you can listen to and even play along with. These songs are fun, famous tunes that you’ve likely heard throughout your life. Change the tempo of the pre-set songs and practice along. Choose to play with either one hand or both hands. If you’re having difficulty following along, a downloadable songbook comes free with the purchase of the PSSF30. Learning has never been easier. In addition to the pre-loaded songs, the keyboard has a built-in metronome and sustain. The metronome can help you count out your beats, and sustain can draw out notes and make your music flow better. 

With over 120 different instruments to choose from, your sound opportunities are essentially endless. Switch back and forth from the sounds of a grand piano, guitar, drum set, and more. These sounds don’t have to leave your home either, as the PSSF30 runs on either 4 AA batteries or a micro USB cord. You’ll never have to go without a musical instrument again. 

The many features of the Yamaha PSSF30 are visible. Because of the abundance of components, both positive and negative results exist. 

Yamaha PSSF30 Pros and Cons

One of the best ways to decide whether a product is best for your lifestyle or not is through weighing the pros and cons. The Yamaha PSSF30 has many positive aspects, but there are various negatives associated with it as well. 

Starting off with the positives, the PSSF30 being light and compact means you never have to leave your keyboard home again. This way, when inspiration strikes, you can use your portable keyboard and play some tunes. Because it weighs just 3.75 pounds, there should be no concern carrying the compact instrument around. This is a great option for younger children who want to play an instrument but can’t necessarily control the size of a standard acoustic one. 

An additional pro regarding this digital keyboard is how many sound styles there are for the size it is. There are 120 different sound options, meaning you can essentially play 120 different versions of each song you choose to play. This is great for beginners, as it teaches them how to play a keyboard without being too complicated. 

Though there are a variety of positives associated with the Yamaha PSSF30, there are also drawbacks associated with it. First of all, there is only one speaker on the keyboard. While many users say this doesn’t affect the sound output significantly, some argue that there is an uneven distribution of sound on the left and right side of the keyboard. Another negative is that compared to other keyboards, this one isn’t as closely comparable to an acoustic piano. For people who are more advanced and looking for a keyboard that will mimic the feel of a piano, this is not the best product. 

Keep in mind that if you have larger hands, this keyboard may not work for you. This is another drawback, as the keys are smaller and crafted to fit a smaller person better. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a portable keyboard for your child, it’s the perfect size. 

Comparable Products

In order to know if you’ve chosen the right product for your lifestyle, it’s important to compare your choice to similar and similar products. One product on the market that is similar to the Yamaha PSSF30 is the Yamaha YPT260. They are both portable keyboards, but they have very significant differences. 

If you’re looking for a larger keyboard, in particular one that is realistically based on an acoustic piano, the YPT260 may be more beneficial. It has 61 keys, is much heavier, and does not support younger or smaller people as well as the PSSF30 does. Essentially, you have to consider whether you want an item that is more easily portable, or one that is more advanced. 

The Best Portable Keyboard for You

Portable keyboards can be lifesavers for creative minds. They allow people to express their musical talent outside their home in a simpler fashion. The Yamaha PSSF30 is best for people with smaller hands, those that want a lighter keyboard option, and for beginner players. With plenty of features, such as 120 different instrument sounds available, there are endless sound combinations and song possibilities. Beginner players are sure to find the free downloadable songbook and pre-recorded songs helpful, but advanced players may struggle with the simplicity of this keyboard. Overall, the Yamaha Portable Keyboard PSSF30 is a great option for those looking for a lightweight transportable keyboard. 

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