Williams Allegro 2 Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s

Williams Allegro 2 Overview

For the last 10 years, electronics brand Williams made a significant move to compete with popular digital piano brands such as Yamaha, Korg, and Casio. With the original release of the William Allegro a couple of years ago, the company failed to meet the expectations. Numerous clients complained about its poor sound quality and dynamic responsiveness, so the piano maker chose to overhaul the venture without any preparation, including some energizing highlights, (for example, a USB port) and a superior sound motor to the blend. Enter the Williams Allegro 2.

Taking the feedback from hundreds of piano players, Williams went back to production and launched the brand new William Allegro 2 in 2015, which finally lived up to the expectations. In this review, we go over the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this electric piano.  With a price range under $300, we rate this piano just outside our top 3 list in best digital piano for beginners.

Williams Allegro 2 Features

It seems like Williams took all the constructive criticism they received in mind when manufacturing this product because the amount of added features really make it stick out in a very crowded marketplace. There are 88 hammer-action weighted keys on this digital piano and these provide a very realistic sensation for the piano player. Unlike the predecessor, the keys don’t feel mushy and sticky but instead feel much more fluent. The 88 keys are very sensitive to the pressure and velocity of the user’s touch which really allows for a change in sound depending on how the user plays it.

Since we’ve already started comparing the Allegro to the Williams Allegro 2, we have to mention the new design. The predecessor got a lot of complaints from consumers for it’s unergonomic and frankly ugly look. The successor, on the other hand, has a very beautifully designed and robust exterior and is built to be much more ergonomic. The obvious weight reduction and the inclusion of 64 note layers is something that has been also been very much appreciated by most consumers.

You wouldn’t expect a very thorough selection of voices for a digital piano at this price point but that’s exactly what the Williams Allegro 2 offers its buyers. The Williams Allegro 2, comes with 10 voices that range from the very well-known, like the classic piano to voices like the synthesizer. Although 10 isn’t as many as some other piano manufacturers offer you really have to take into consideration that this is not a $1000 piano. Also, a piano should at the end of the day still sound like a piano. The voices are extremely high-quality and can be used in many different situations and environments.

Another feature that’s available when ordering this digital piano is a USB/MIDI connectivity. This, in turn, allows for a more extensive use of the Williams Allegro 2 in different ways. The ability to easily connect the Williams Allegro 2 to most computers or hardware is very convenient and really allows for more freedom in creativity.

Also, subsequently, practically a fresh out of the box new Williams computerized piano was born. Williams Digital pianos have made a name for themselves in the classification of adaptable, low-valued advanced pianos, by offering artists and music fans an ideal adjust of the look, feel, and the sound of an acoustic piano alongside the extraordinary scope of highlights that exclusive a digital piano can offer.


One of the best things about the Williams Allegro 2 is how user-friendly the interface is. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional because you’ll surely be able to start using it from the day you unpack it. Being able to buy a piano, have it delivered, unbox it and immediately start playing is something that many manufacturers do not offer. The lack of complexity is something that can’t be overlooked.

On the point of the pianos interface something that’s very impressive is the lack of unnecessary junk that most people don’t use. You’ve only got the essentials which as mentioned makes using the digital piano very easy for everyone. Also, whether you’re using the Williams Allegro 2 for professional reasons or just to practice, you’ll still be able to experience and appreciate the high-quality sound that’s produced thanks for the front-firing speakers that are built-in. Just another feature that simplifies the day-to-day use of the Williams Allegro 2.

The knobs, buttons, switches and other user settings are all so well placed that it’s hard not to appreciate the pure effort that was put into the piano’s manufacturing.

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Being battery controlled and exceptionally convenient at an extremely moderate value, the Williams Allegro 2 turns into an ideal decision for beginners, students and advanced players and.  The great sounds make it a magnificent melodic instrument to play regardless of whether it is established, pop, shake or jazz music.

Stacked with a splendid new custom sound library, the Williams Allegro 2 likewise offers ten sound specimens including established and current pianos and also electronic consoles and synths. These sound examples incorporate a decent stereo, 10′ 2″ show stupendous with stereo speed tests. Other remarkable sounds include electric pianos, alongside strings, synthesizers, and bass. The Williams Allegro 2 can fulfill a wide assortment of melodic needs, on account of its split and layer capacities which permits consolidating the different sounds in a coveted way.

The Williams Allegro 2 offers another MODFX include which gives constant control of the rotating speaker impact and a vibrato impact for electric pianos, notwithstanding remarkable reverb and chorale impacts. This extra component in addition to the mallet activity keys, the custom sound library, split and layer works enable the player to have more explicit control over the inner sounds than some other computerized piano in its class.

The Williams Allegro 2 includes inbuilt speakers, stereo, an earphone jack (which was absent in the past Allegro model), a programmed detecting maintain pedal, a music stand, and even a metronome! It can likewise be utilized as a MIDI controller and can associate with a PC using a USB port for recording to any standard MIDI application. With simple to explore controls and the illustrations LCD, the Allegro 2 turns out to be very simple to peruse and alter the settings appropriately.

The flexibility of the WIlliams Allegro 2 doesn’t end here; you may run it on batteries or utilize a discretionary AC control supply.

Key Features of Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Digital Piano

  • 88-pound activity weighted keys
  • 64-note Polyphony
  • 10 Sound Samples
  • Split and Layer capacities
  • MIDI availability over USB
  • Headphone Jacks
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Reverb and Chorus Effects alongside MOD/FX controls


The sound. This is undoubtedly one of the most important categories that a piano has to do well in, and the Williams Allegro 2, definitely doesn’t disappoint. The sound reproduction that this digital piano produces outclasses most, if not all, pianos at the same price range. The piano’s tone is great and so are the voices that are produced. However, if you’re looking for a digital piano that sounds exactly like the real thing you’re out of luck because this is not it. It does, nonetheless, sound very close to what you’d expect from most $1000 pianos out there which in itself makes it good enough contender for anyone looking for an affordable piano.

Soundwise, when comparing the Williams Allegro 2 to its predecessor, they’re miles apart. The predecessor had a very lacking sound and the dynamic responsiveness was sub-par at most which caused many consumers to complain. The Allegro 2, on the other hand, has a new and improved sound engine which is praised by consumers. The better and improved sound engine really does boost the sound that’s produced by the Williams Allegro 2 and with the help of those front-firing speakers, we talked about earlier, you’ll really be able to enjoy your creations.

We think that they have done a brilliant job and you will agree to it completely once you play the Williams Allegro 2 . The Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano now has 10′ 2″ grand piano sounds which sound beautiful.

There are three different velocity layers to make sure that you are getting enough variations when you are playing the Williams Allegro 2.

Obviously, you get 8 different sound types too in the Williams Allegro 2 such as organs and so on but those features are now available in all types of pianos so that’s not an extra advantage.


The next thing we will talk about is the control of this digital piano. Again, there is a great benefit of buying an advanced version of something that previously had another version. It is easy for companies to change those mistakes and as consumers, it is great for us too as we get to use better products.

According to us, the Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano has one of the best sound editing systems right now in the market. From the transpose button to the split point, everything is super slick and easy to use. There is a recorder inside which will allow you to record your songs while you are playing. The keyboard can also easily be connected to your PC, Mac or other tech devices.


The more up to date Williams Allegro 2 has new highlights and overhauls included over those of the prior Allegro model. The new Allegro 2 presents the choice of USB availability which enables it to associate any PC, alongside another MOD/FX control alternative which takes into consideration more prominent control over the interior sounds. There are likewise another two sound examples in the Allegro 2 and implicit speakers, which were lost in the past model. Allegro 2 has an earphone yield, which empowers the player to rehearse at home with no foundation/open air commotion meddling with his training and additionally without any other individual at home getting bothered.

There is a slight increment in the cost of the before Allegro model, however that being said at $299.99, the Allegro 2 stays a standout digital piano amongst the most proficient advanced pianos in their niche.

Williams Allegro 2 Pro’s

  • Affordable
  • Great quality
  • Portability
  • Great Sound
  • Nice features
  • Great for beginners


  • Limited sound determination


If we compare the Williams Allegro 2 to other popular piano models we can conclude that this piano is a great choice for its price range. If you are looking for a digital piano that will blow you away than we recommend checking out the Yamaha YPD-163. The Williams Allegro 2 is a fantastic piano but comes with a price tag.

Final Words on the Williams Allegro 2

The Williams Allegro 2, is priced at a very competitive price of $270 on Amazon. This makes it a competitor to other digital pianos like the Yamaha YPG-235 and Artesia PA-88W respectively. At roughly the same price point, the two pianos are definitely one of the better digital pianos for the price but the Allegro 2 outshines them in almost every way. Sound, feel, keys, voices and more features are just some of the things that make the Allegro 2 a better bang for your buck.

Overall, the Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano is definitely a good pick if you are looking for a digital piano that gives you a great sound system and nice features. The Williams Allegro 2 received a lot of positive feedback from customers and advanced piano players. If you are looking to invest a bigger budget, we recommend to check out our top 3 best digital piano list for beginners and advanced players.

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