Digital Piano Maintenance: Make Your Digital Piano Last

Digital Piano Maintenance

Digital piano maintenance is at the top of the list after you obtain your new investment. Digital piano owners find themselves asking the same questions over and over about how to maintain a digital piano.

Your goal is to make your digital piano last by ensuring you are keeping up with the proper maintenance. So let’s take a look at some of the different things you may have questions about.

Digital Pianos cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. That is why it goes without saying that you need to research on how to maintain them properly. With objects that have this price, you cannot just afford to neglect them as you would your normal everyday stuff. It is not good practice for you to just leave them out in your room collecting dust when you are not using them. Let’s face it. We’re all klutzes and digital pianos are huge obstacles that anything may happen to it like accidental collisions, scratches, etc.

Unless you are okay with your hard-earned $500 going down the drain because you mishandled your Digital Piano, it would be for your best interest to read below on the Frequently Asked Questions On Maintaining Digital Pianos.

How To Store Digital Pianos Properly?

One of the most important things you have to take into consideration when you buy a digital piano is how and where you are going to store it. Digital Pianos take space, a lot of it if you’re living in a small apartment. This is why storing them might be a problem. And no. You cannot just let it sit in the dust in your room or in the living room.

Adding your Digital Piano to your list of furniture will increase the odds of accidents happening to it. Count in your head how many people will pass by it. How many of these people will be carrying heavy loads like backpacks, books, etc. Now how are the chances of them accidentally bumping, colliding or slipping against your Digital Piano? I am sure that there hundreds of digital pianos out there that have scratches and bumps all because of careless visitors and owners.

If you have an attic or a spare room to store items in, that is great. Put it in a box and store it there. However, if you are like me who have limited space, it might be best to rent a self-storage facility. Self-Storage facilities are storage units where you can store all the items in your house that you can’t fit just for a small fee. You can store anything inside from personal mementoes, crafts equipment, to even cars. WhatStorage will help you find the best deal possible for your needs.

Can you store it inside your house? Sure you can. Just know that you are consciously putting them in harm’s way. If you are still set on storing them inside, avoid placing your digital piano near windows, doors or entrances. Any place that has a lot of foot traffic or experiences extreme temperatures like cold, heat and humidity are big no-nos. Certain elements such as moisture, sunlight, humidity and extreme cold will deal a blow to the lifespan of your Digital Piano

Do I Need A Digital Piano Cover?

Your Digital Piano needs a lot of tender love and care. Just like its owner, your digital piano needs a hygienic environment for it to live longer. Many underestimate the damage that dust can do. Cleaning/Dusting your instrument regularly should be part of your maintenance schedule. Dust can get into every nook and cranny of your digital piano affecting its sensitive components. Buying a Cover for your Digital Piano would lessen the times you have to clean your digital piano.

Unfortunately, digital pianos are more susceptible to damage than a real piano. Because of its electronic parts, dust, climate and humidity are bad for your digital piano. Some of its parts will lessen in effectivity.

How Do I Clean Digital Piano?

The most common mistake in cleaning digital piano keyboards is by using their household cleaner. Most household cleaners have harsh chemicals that can damage the keyboard and varnish/paint. Usually, there are instructions in the manual or a manufacturer’s note on how to clean your digital piano. When it comes to your digital piano, it is best to always be on the safe side. 

We’ll be looking at how to clean digital piano inside and outside. While there are digital piano keyboard cleaners in the market, they are quite pricey. Thankfully, there is a DIY cleaner that will require just a few household items. Below is a list of what you will need if you want to save on a few dollars:

  • Warm Water
  • Dishwashing Soap
  • Clean, white cloths, preferably microfiber.

Here are the steps to creating a DIY Digital Piano cleaner:

  1. In a small bowl, mix in warm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Make sure that the soap you use is gentle.
  2. Use white cloth as coloured cloth may have chemicals that may cause a lot of damage to your keyboard. Moisten the cloth slightly with the soap and water mixture
  3. Wipe each key with the damp cloth. Remember to wipe even the sides of the keys.
  4. Once you’re done wiping the keys with the wet cloth, use the second white cloth to dry them out. You need to quickly remove moisture as rust may quickly form. Any type of moisture can cause severe damage to your digital piano
  5. If there are drops of water than your cloth cannot reach, simply use a Q-tip to carefully clean the corners.
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