Yamaha U3 Piano Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s

Yamaha U3 Overview

Pianists always make their way to search for the best piano available. We have concentrated our reviews on one of the most popular and talked about piano series, the Yamaha U3. Manufactured by one of the most reliable and trustworthy piano companies, the Yamaha U3 series is a must fetch an item for music lovers. Let us discuss the various aspects, features, and difference between all the Yamaha U3 piano models available. Yamaha U3 price new 2020 is about $15,000 and can be found from Yamaha retailers. To see what we recommend instead click the image below.

Features and Pros of Yamaha U3 Piano 

While various Yamaha U3 players have purchased and given a positive review about the same, let us have a look at what the entire buzz is about.

1. Manufactured by a reliable company

All the Yamaha pianos are manufactured in the Hamamatsu factory in Japan. As soon as you hear about Japan manufacturing, only one word comes to your mind, ‘quality’. Even though some objects manufactured in Japan come at an expensive rate, you can always look forward to the quality of the product. That’s right, no compromise on quality, which is also true for the Yamaha U3 piano series. Need we say more on the manufacturing and product durability?

2. Suitable for beginners as well as professionals

It is true that the Yamaha U3 series pianos are expensive. So for a beginner, many might advise not to spend too much on a piano for a while. But looking into the durability and high quality of the Yamaha U3 pianos, it is really worth it for a beginner to buy it. If you are able to afford the same at the very beginning, you can set your hands on the highest quality from the beginning. Buying an inexpensive and low piano will manipulate your music with muffled and uncomfortable keys. So, investing more in a piano with the full budget is wiser.

Preferred by the professional musicians as well, the Yamaha U3 piano is the right size to fit in a house. With the same quality and expectation of outcomes like a grand piano, this instrument has always been a favorite of the musicians. Some of the renowned musicians of this era like Marcus Dravs and Emeli Sande have bought and practiced on the Yamaha U3 series.

Yamaha U3 Dimensions

52″x60″x26″ or 131cm x 150cm x 65cm

Overall Summary on the Yamaha U3

Being durable, reliable, high in quality and with sensible rates, the Yamaha U3 series of pianos have received satisfactory customer reviews all over the world. Needless to say, these pianos have been consistently ordered in schools and music institutes for teaching and learning. We give a heads up to this product without any doubt.

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