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Yamaha p71 Product Review

The Yamaha P71 is a fantastic digital piano for beginners and even advanced piano players. This piano is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon by more than 200 verified buyers.

In this review, we go over all the features, benefits and cons of this piano. The Yamaha P71 could be a great choice if you need a quality piano to begin to learn and rehearse piano and you would prefer not to spend a fortune of cash for your underlying level instrument. With its superb construction and sensible sound features, you can learn and develop yourself as a musician while rehearsing at home.

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When it comes to the manufacturing electronic musical instruments for many years Yamaha has been one of the leading companies. Looking at the market Yamaha presents a wide range of acoustic and digital pianos. Most experts and consumers have reviewed Yamaha pianos as the best products compared to other brands. Yamaha continues to develop highest quality products from budget priced digital pianos to Yamaha acoustic grand piano. Their products are well manufactured with great precision and this makes Yamaha pianos the most sought after products in the market.

Owning a Yamaha piano can be very beneficial as they are long lasting and the experience is enjoyable. If you ever decide to part way with your piano be sure to recover a big part of your investment. In this article, I will try to provide an in-depth review of the features of while also summarizing its pros and cons. I will try to provide enough information about the product in this review which can help you to make your decision.

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Yamaha P71 digital piano was released at the end of 2016. If we talk about the quality of the piano then you don’t have to worry about it as it comes with the brand history and reputation of Yamaha. Before discussing the features in detail we have a look at the piano design.

It comes in two colors black and white. Yamaha is well known for its simple and elegant design. Their pianos are designed in a compact form as we can also see in this piano. The look may be simple but we have a close look there is a bundle of great features and options present on it. The most impressive thing about this piano is its price you can get a ton of features are available for you at a very reasonable price. So if you are a beginner with a budget then this piano is perfect for you and you can surely learn and improve your skills with this amazing piano. Now let’s have a look at the features in detail.

Yamaha p71 Features

The Yamaha P71 digital piano comes with a sustain pedal and power adapter, which makes it very easier for you to get started with your piano. This digital piano features a full sized 88-key weighted keyboard. The importance of weighted keys cannot be denied it doesn’t matter if you are advance player, beginner or just keyboard junkie. The weighted keys are important in the sense that they help to train your finger and make them stronger and with weighted keys, the playing is more enjoyable. It helps the beginners to train and improve their skills.

One amazing feature of this piano is digital sampling. I am sure that all kind users love this features, but if your aim is to just use a standard piano then this feature isn’t necessary for you. What this feature actually is that with this piano you can change the vo

ice and able to simulate ten different pianos. So this means if you are looking to get the playing experience of Yamaha grand piano then you can just set the voice of Yamaha P71 and can enjoy the experience.

This digital piano by Yamaha is a standout amongst other choices for apprentices who wish to have a piano to practice and learning inside a specific spending plan. As this piano has a place with premium quality brand Yamaha, accordingly a purchaser can make sure that he is burning through cash for a decent quality product that would keep going long. Yamaha P71 is accessible with all the astounding features for a tenderfoot player. You can appreciate finish sensible sound impacts and playability with this instrument. For the individuals who wish to learn, practice and progress as a pro musician, this selective piano model could be one of the superior decisions for them.

A portion of the features that are elite to this digital piano model by Yamaha include:

  • Assemble Quality and Design: This product has a rich, yet straightforward plan and one of the significant advantages of this piano is its unassuming impression that makes it simple to fit in wherever around your home or studio setti
    ng. Yamaha is a brand itself known for planning selective pianos, and this piano is no special case. The outline is
  • compact to the point that the profundity of this piano is 12 inches. This thin and a la mode piano weighs just around 25 pounds hence you can without much of a stretch bear it.
  • Keyboard: This piano features an entire 88 keys weighted keyboard that empowers musicians to encounter bona fide piano playing background. So whether you are a great master player or are a keyboard learner, you will have the capacity to acknowledge weighted keys of this piano. Your fingers will feel significantly more grounded over this keyboard, and you will have the capacity to appreciate more expressive playing styles.
  • Sound Sampling: Professional advanced sound examining is usual with this piano that gives you a sound like a grand piano sound. Authenticity and professionalism with sound quality and an assortment of 10 different voices with this instrument allow you to test your innovativeness. Tones are examined specifically from Yamaha acoustic grand pianos with the goal that you can possibility and play sound in an assortment of ways mimicking sound impacts like those pianos.

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Extra Features

Double Mode: With double mode include that could be named in connection with digital testing, this piano enables you to join two different instruments and play them together at once. For instance, if you select piano and strings, you get the chance to play piano through the half left and strings through the half right half of the piano. This advanced piano has an assortment of instruments and synthesizers incorporated into it which a musician can consolidate to trial and change up his execution. With the utilization of this component, you get a wealthier and more profound sound with your advanced piano.

  • Recording Feature: Another favorable position that even enables you to make a two-part harmony with your particular self is the chronicle include. You can record your training and execution sessions with this piano and play them over again as and when required.
  • Controls: This piano is prominent among fledglings for its basic volume and capacity controls. Indeed, even a first-time piano player will have the capacity to effortlessly start playing this piano on account of its usability and straightforward controls.
  • USB availability: Yamaha P71 features a USB port with the guide of which a piano player can interface this instrument straightforwardly to a PC framework and therefore can exchange his training and execution tests effectively.
  • Earphones: You can even appreciate working on, learning and performing alone whenever amid day or night without the dread of irritating others with its earphones availability choice.
  • Frill Included: This product accompanies a power connector, manage pedal and sheet holder. With this entire bundle of the digital piano, a musician can begin immediately with more unpredictable and propelled bits of music.

Pros of the Yamaha P71

  • Practical sound and playability encounter is offered with this selective novice level digital piano.
  • Completely weighted keys that empower learners to increase proper piano playing method.
  • It has a smooth and beautiful outline, and it is truly lightweight in this way making it less demanding to bear for training and exhibitions.
  • The advanced sound is inspecting from grand pianos and different instruments clear a path for noteworthy sound innovativeness.
  • With its double mode, a musician can play different sounds and styles at an opportunity to make piano music substantially wealthier.
  • The consummate decision for tenderfoots regarding its basic capacities, the simplicity of playing.

Cons of the Yamaha p71

  • Features and sounds are just constrained so a propelled piano player would have restricted limit of playing as indicated by his capacities.
  • This piano doesn’t accompany a LED screen hence restricting you from the simplicity of customization of impacts and voices being used.


As mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Yamaha P71 has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. The greater part of the amateurs who purchased this piano depicts it an extraordinary piano.  It’s a better than average alternative for apprentices who are hoping to begin learning and don’t have a major spending plan. It is likewise appropriate for novices who are searching for the experience of both digital and acoustic piano but would prefer not to spend a great deal of cash. Without burning through thousands of dollars, you can get a thin and polished piano offering a ton of features. But I might want to say one thing that if your plan to learn piano to a propelled level then it might be reasonable for you at the start but as you have improved your aptitudes, then you will become out of it and will probably require an improved piano which can offer professional features.

Its full measured keyboard, the advanced sound is examining and other related features give you a vibe of playing genuine piano that makes playing piano music all the more fascinating for a musician. Features, as well as its smart, minimal outline, makes it a piece that proves itself as a decent decision for all the yearning piano players. We highly recommend this piano to any piano player.

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