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Yamaha Keyboard 88 Key

Keyboard Yamaha p-125 88 key

The Yamaha’s P-Series specific for “piano.” P-Series digital keyboards have multiple sounds, but their main features are piano sound and piano action. The Yamaha P-125 88 key is the top home piano. Yamaha prepared the P-125 with their Pure CF Sound Engine, which absolutely re-creates the sound of their renowned CFIIIS concert grand piano. And since you can comfortably load the P-125 into the back of a typical sedan, you can take this astonishing combination of sound and feel anywhere.

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P-125 88 key piano is digital piano because of its clear and melodic sound it is instantly recognizable to any experienced pianist. Your fingers will experience right at home on the P-125’s Graded Hammer Standard action, which is weighty in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, emulating the energetic feel of hammers on genuine acoustic piano strings. For the ultimate in realism, DSP (Damper String and Resonance) modernize the sympathetic and brilliant sounds within a grand piano when the dampers are off the strings. A full set of performance options and USB connectivity supply plenty of flexibility onstage, in the studio or at home. All careful, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reasonably priced digital piano that outperforms the Yamaha P-125. Celebrate the joy of music-making.

Features of P-125 88 piano:

  • 24 Instrument Voices
  • 4-level Pure CF sampling
  • USB audio and MIDI connectivity
  • 192 notes polyphony 
  • Smart Pianist app compatibility
  • 50 Classical Music Masterpieces
  • 20 simple drums and bass Styles
  • Stereophonic Optimizer
  • Split mode
  • Improved tweeter
  • Damper Resonance
  • 2-way speaker system
  • Stereophonic Optimizer

Yamaha p-45 88 key

The Yamaha P-45 88 key is a hot product in the world of keyboards. Yamaha makes a lot of the ideal piano products. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that everything they make is perfect. Let’s take a look at P-45 88 key some amazing features so that you can make a buying decision. Read on! 

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One of the first things that you will notice about this keyboard is that it comes with a really approachable price tag. While not an inexpensive way, it is surely affordable relative to the market. You also get a really good keyboard with this product. This sounds like a basic feature but it isn’t always a given. Electric keyboards often fail to capture the ideal feel of keys. This is mainly true of products in this price range that often come with unweighted keys. The user interface is also always worth considering. Keyboards can get pretty complicated. If your purpose is to have an inexpensive method to practice and learn the piano, then you would like something simple. Last but not least, you also find the high-quality sound engineering that Yamaha is well-known for. Yamaha captures the sound of one of their most prestigious grand pianos with Yamaha P-45 88 key model.

Yamaha p71 88-key

Yamaha P71 88-key piano released in 2016, the Yamaha P71 has become one of the company’s bestselling keyboards. This is an excellent and high-quality entry level piano. Being a part of the Portable series, Yamaha P71 88-key piano keyboard is compact in design. So, it is a great choice for musicians who are just starting out as well as those who need something to travel with.

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Also, the P71 88-key piano is pretty affordable. Yamaha P71 comes with 88 fully weighted keys. Yamaha P71 88-key piano keyboard is available in two color options black or white. As for the layout and design, this keyboard is very simple and offers high-quality digital sampling. It has a record and playback feature which allows you to record practice sessions and play them back whenever you want. It features a USB port; with the USB port you can connect your keyboard to a laptop or computer. With dual mode of the P7188-key you can play two different instruments at a time.


  • Portable, compact, light weight
  • keys with graded hammer standard action
  • 10 different instrument voices
  • Dual Mod
  • Simple control panel
  • USB port and two jacks for headphones

Yamaha DGX 660

The DGX-660 portable digital grand piano is very flexible. It has a pair of stereo speakers so you can start enjoying your new piano instantly. Choose from a variety of different piano sounds. You can generate your own sounds with custom acoustic settings. There’s a microphone input on the DGX-660 digital piano so you can sing along while you’re playing. You can even listen to your voice with effects through the speakers. And share them with your friends. The Yamaha DGX-660 gives aspiring pianists a vast place to practice.

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If you wish for Yamaha tone and touch in a feature-packed 88-key arranger piano, Yamaha DGX 660 is possibly your ideal instrument. The DGX-660 gives you the natural feel. Yamaha DGX-660 is heavier in the bass, lighter in the treble range. The Piano Room feature gives you a selection of excellent pianos and ambiences to customize your piano sound. Another nice thing about the DGX is that you get a nice LCD display. The display will feature the notes of preprogrammed songs for reading. You can also download extra sheet music using a USB port.


  • Furniture quality stand
  • Weighted and graded keys
  • Concert Quality Sound
  • LCD Display
  • Onboard Recorder

Yamaha cp88 88-key

Yamaha CP88 88-Key is more than a good choice. It is an unbelievable choice that seems to have it all.  This instrument was prepared by musicians for musicians that know what you are looking for. Yamaha CP88 88-Key model is flexible, has high-quality sound and inspiring building quality. This has simple, clean and user friendly interface. Build quality is impressive. This is quite reasonable piano. These pianos offer full dynamic expression and nuance through meticulous recording and voicing. And real feel of a real piano keys, Want to know more about it?

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Let’s check out its features:

  • 88 weighted Keys 
  • 128-voice polyphony
  • 80 Sounds 
  • All functions directly accessible — optimized for live musicians
  • Sound generation with AWM2
  • 57 voices (Different sounds of piano)
  • 160 Live set sounds (80 presets)
  • 23 Insert effects, 2 delay effects
  • pitch bend 
  • LC screen
  • Split  the keyboard into two different instruments
  • Stereo output (6.3 mm jack and XLR)
  • Stereo headphone output (6.3 mm jack)
  • External stereo input (6.3 mm jack)
  • Foot pedal 
  • Standard MIDI 
  • USB to Host
  • USB to Device
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1298 x 364 x 141 mm and a weight of 18.6 kg

Yamaha P515B 88 key

The Yamaha keyboard P-515B 88-key supply you with your own personal Piano Room where you can make a decision for the type of piano you play, what type of room you’re playing in, and manage a range of settings to form your sound. Over 500 Voices means you have a wide selection of sounds to choose from, allowing you to create and perform in any musical category.

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The Yamaha P-515B is equipped with a built-in speaker system that delivers a clear and immersive sound for playing at home or even in small venues. There are two headphone jacks for practicing quietly, playing duets, or teaching a student. The headphones support Binaural Sampling and Stereophonic Optimizer technologies, which restructure the three-dimensional perspective of the player position through earphones, also a feeling that the sound is coming directly from the piano, rather than from the headphones.

  • Wide selection of sounds with over 500 voices
  • Wooden keys
  • Elegant, compact, and portable design
  • Binaural sampling technology
  • Enhanced Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  • Mesmerizingand authentic piano experience with a clear sound
  • Customizable Sound and Touch Response
  • 40 different rhythm patterns
  • Smart Pianist app
  • Bluetooth for  Audio playback
  • Audio Recording to USB

Yamaha Modx8 88-key

Yamaha MODX8 88-key is high performance and reasonably priced synthesizers. The Yamaha MODX8 88-key is the largest keyboard, but endorse the portable characteristics that make it a MODX synthesizer. MODX8 has 88 weighted-action keys that experts will find a joy to play. The real performance power of the MODX8 comes from its Motion Control technology. The Super Knob allows simultaneous control of up to 128 parameters in a single Performance.

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This means you can control nearly anything from mix functions like volume, pan and effect sends to detailed synch parameters like filters, LFOs and Operators. Yamaha MODX8 has an up to date design that’s significantly lighter, making transport easy and load-in a breeze. If you’re searching for a lightweight keyboard that can travel trouble-free but you’re not eager to sacrifice sound and performance features, then Yamaha MODX8 is the correct keyboard for you. Let’s checkout it’s features.


  • 88  weighted-action 
  • Motion Control 
  • Super Knob controls multiple parameters simultaneously
  • Send 10/receive 4 audio channels and 16 channels of MIDI 
  • Live Sets allow Performance organization 
  • 4-Part faultless Sound Switching
  • Motion Sequences drive synthesizer parameters through rhythmic control data you can interact with in real time

Yamaha MX88

Yamaha’s MX series launching in late 2012, packed with high-quality sounds at a very reasonable price. Like the other keyboards from Yamaha, Yamaha Keyboard MX88 also comes with the Graded Hammer Standard and its 88 keys are weighted. 

For the advantage of those who don’t know about weighted keys, it’s heavier in the bass range and becomes lighter as go up to the treble keys. This means, it feels pleasant, plays so great and well-balanced.

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Not only is the MX88 weighted, but the action is thorough and graded well. While the MX88 is easy to pick up, it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy at all. For a plastic keyboard, this thing feels as strong as it gets. The aesthetic is beautiful, and the matte finish doesn’t really show fingerprints or smudges. After a long day of playing, filming, and constantly relocating the MX88, it still looks fresh out of the box. The LCD screen displays 2 lines of text, and is very small. The screen is suitable and functional, no extra no less.


  • Easy functionality 
  • Useful display and controls
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Easy to play GHS Keypad
  • Plastic but solidly crafted
  • The 88-note, 
  • Class-compliant USB audio/MIDI 
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • The weighted keys are just great

Yamaha Keyboard 76 Key

Yamaha PSR-EW410 76-key

Yamaha Keyboard PSR-EW410 76 key is a great keyboard for performing a style of music. This is featuring a high-resolution piano model. It has powerful on-board speakers. Yamaha PSR-EW410 76 key is easy to use for professionals. Yamaha has a great history of manufacturing just about a variety of musical instrument.

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When it comes to reproducing the sound of these instruments in a keyboard the results are thorough and best quality. The Yamaha 76-key PSR-EW410 has a wide-ranging library of 758 instrument Voices that will let you to enjoy playing any musical kind. With modern features, an easy connectivity, light-weight and portable design, these instruments are affordable for learning to play the piano.


  • 758 high quality voices with 48-note polyphony.
  • Quick Sampling function. 
  • 35 Groove Creator function and 5 sections. 
  • 235 auto accompaniment Styles.
  • USB Audio Recorder.
  • Convertible real-time Control Knobs, Pitch Bend and DSP Effects.
  • 12W + 12W amplifiers with 12 cm Bass Reflexes speakers.
  • AUX IN for connecting and playing.
  • Arpeggio function.
  • Connectivity with audio and MIDI capabilities.
  • Global sounds support multiple ranges of music.
  • USB TO DEVICE terminal.
  • Compatible with Yamaha KS-SW100 subwoofer

Yamaha Keyboard 61 Key

Yamaha YPT260 61-key – Amazon’s Choice

The Yamaha YPT-260 61-key portable keyboard is designed for the entry-level player. This Yamaha product is perfect for aspiring musicians just for beginners and also user friendly, but provides a higher functionality that will rise with the player as he or she advances. Yamaha YPT 260 61-keyboard has a number of different features, let’s get to know it enhanced and find out if it is an excellent option for you.

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Yamaha YPT-260 61-key includes a nine-step lesson function and a free downloadable songbook to assist you gets started. 100s of sounds, accompaniment styles, and onboard songs provide never-ending fun and entertainment for the whole family.


• 61 Standard keys

• 384 Sounds + 16 Kits Drum/SFX (Means Sound Effect, a different set of sounds)

• 130 Preset Styles 

• 112 internal songs

• 32 voice polyphony

• Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Ultra-Wide Stereo

• Master EQ (Refers to the master equalizer that allows you to adjust the parameters of the mix of sounds that come out of your speakers.)

• One-Touch Setting Function

• Metronome 

• Transposes 

• Duo Mode

• Includes Yamaha Education Suite

• Compact and portable design

• Battery operation (AAx6)

Yamaha PSR E263

PSR-E263 digital keyboard is enhanced introduction to the world of music from Yamaha. Yamaha PSR-E263 is extremely affordable and is a good option to think about.

This is one of the Best Seller keyboard across all platform vouched by Yamaha.

The Yamaha PSR-E263 product is the best instruments for beginners. It is costly and helps you to jump in making music quite effortlessly.

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With its dense portable design and easy operation the PSR E263 is a perfect keyboard packed with powerful features. It has 61 note keyboard present 400 instrument voices including high quality sounds. Most of the entry level keyboard lacks the excellence of the sound of the built-in speakers but Yamaha PSR E263 does not comprises on this. It has mega extensive stereo which gives an immense expanded sound. The sound is crispy and crystal clear even when you are playing it on the maximum volume. Yamaha PSR E263 is providing headphone connectivity option. The headphone connectivity option is a great add-on.


  • 61 full-sized keys
  • 32-note polyphony
  • Duo mode 
  • Portable Grand button
  • Backlit LCD 
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • 112 accompaniment styles 
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Built-in effects

Portable Yamaha Keyboards

Yamaha PSR EW 410

The Yamaha PSR EW410 is an excellent choice for performing various styles of music. The 76-key PSR-EW410 features a comprehensive library of 758 instrument Voices that will allow you to enjoy playing any musical genre with a high-quality acoustic piano sound, and 235 types of rhythms from different musical genres. Among its 758 sounds is a broad range of instruments ranging from pianos, organs, synths , winds, strings, drums and more. Also, have 3 dynamic voices. Its amplification system has a power of 12W and 12W with 12 cm Bass Reflex loudspeakers. The voices on this keyboard could be divided into 237-panel voices, with a more professional sound, 24 drum kits, 40 arpeggios and 457 voices from the XGlite library.

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 It also has 10 effects varied in the DSP, 12 Reverb types, 6 equalization types, 5 Chorus types and 26 harmony types so that diverse alterations to your voices can be made to your liking. Also as a very useful functionality for living, it can record up to 80 minutes of audio in WAV format and also has external audio input to launch tracks, sequences and so on from an external player. Yamaha PSR EW 410 is light-weight and it has modern features, simple connectivity and portable design.

Yamaha PSR E463

If you needed professional-level skills to enjoy making music like a specialist, think again. With the new Yamaha keyboard PSR-E463, all you need to turn your ideas into music is motivation. The PSR-E463 boasts superior features in an inexpensive and portable package.

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PSR-E463 is the most excellent entry keyboard for performing a variety of styles of music, from the latest to vinyl favorites. PSR-E463 has a 61-key touch response keyboard with powerful on-board speakers.  Use professional features without great effort like assignable Live Control knobs, Groove Creator, Quick Sampling and USB Audio Recorder. 

In this latest model Yamaha has updated it with lots of new styles that has been inherited from the Yamaha PSR-S series. You can rapidly capture audio from an external audio source and assign the sampled sound to the keyboard.  The Yamaha PSR-E463 features an inclusive library of 758 instrument Voices that will let you to enjoy playing any musical genre. For energetic and expressive live performance 10 DSP effects can be assigned and controlled by the knobs. You be able to record your performances to your computer or smart device

Still, let’s be honest, this is an arranger keyboard and it is not going to be appropriate for all situations and for all types of musicians.

Yamaha PSR EW300

Yamaha EW300 Keyboard comes under the portable keyboard category. The PSR-EW300 is a smart choice for the pianists because it includes a complete range of features you would only find on much higher priced instruments. The 76 notes touch-sensitive keyboard with increased 48- note polyphony permits you to perform with greater expression and to play complex musical passages.

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The touch-sensitive keys are one of the most needed features for any beginner to get a slight feel of acoustic pianos. The function of touch-responsive keys is like if you play the keys heavily you’ll get louder sounds and when you play the keys lightly, you’ll get quieter sounds. Touch Sensitive Keys makes your performances more musically expressive and vibrant.

The PSR-EW300 also attributes a USB TO HOST terminal plus MIDI connectivity. Duo mode allows you to divide the keyboard into two halves so that two people can easily play on the same instrument. Yamaha PSR EW-300 offers a massive choice of 574 different instrument voices includes some sweet voices which reproduced the characteristics of each instrument. The PSR EW300 has 12 reverb effects. Another much-loved feature is Touch Tutor Lesson mode that makes it simple to learn the built-in songs. PSR EW 300 has a two-track inbuilt recorder which captures your song ideas as well as a complete performance. Free apps available in the app store for IOS devices, including a cloud audio recorder for digital recording.

Yamaha PSR E360

Yamaha introduced the PSR-E360 portable personal keyboard. The Yamaha PSR-E360 comes in two attractive wood grain finishes that can be proudly displayed alongside any home decor. Not only will a kid learn on this instrument, but they will also have fun, and you will be grateful for the eye-catching design. The Yamaha PSR E360 features with Backlit LCD that allows users to read the screen under any lighting conditions. The dynamic response of the keys of the Yamaha PSR-E360 is head and shoulders above other portable keyboards in this price range, allowing for very expressive playing. 

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The Yamaha PSR-E360 is packed with 384 stunning instrument voices, 16 drum/SFX kits, and 130 accompaniment styles spanning many music genres. Yamaha Education Suite allows put into practice with downloaded songs or preset. USB-to-host connectivity allows MIDI and audio communication with a laptop or computer. It has 61 touch-sensitive keys, onboard lessons, Duo mode and an aux input so you can attach your portable music player and hear your preferred music through the onboard speakers. We will surely appreciate the PSR-E360’s affordable price, compact size and stylish finish. With all this going for it, the Yamaha PSR-E360 can be the ultimate beginner keyboard. 

Yamaha PSR E363

The Yamaha E363 is a great choice for you if you learn how to play the piano. It is also the ideal introductory instrument for children who want to learn music. The E363 has the basic features and some more that a beginner needs to learn the piano quickly. The Yamaha PSR series of keyboards are feature loaded, portable, beginner friendly and highly reasonable. I am not saying all of this good material just to hype the keyboard.

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But, I am saying this because I used it for more than 20 days and I can say that it is a good enough entry level keyboard. Its flexible functions and expressive touch-sensitive keyboard action makes it ideal for beginners, by providing all they need to create and continue on their musical journey. The Yamaha PSR-E363 is 61- touch sensitive keyboard. Yamaha PSR E363 offers a massive choice of 574 high quality instrument voices with improved sampling.

Yamaha PSR E363 has featuring musical genres and 165 backing accessory styles. It offers real-time band backing tracks supported on the chords you play. The portable Grande button instantly sets of the iconic grand piano sound.

Yamaha PSR-E273 61-key

Yamaha PSR-E273 is a sophisticated upgrade from its previous model. 61-key, entry-level Portable Keyboard featuring a broad diversity of sounds and functions the PSR-E273 is an ideal first keyboard for aspiring musicians who are just starting out. The better a keyboard sounds, the more engaging it is to play. The PSR-E273 features 401 good quality Voices spanning all types of acoustic and electric instruments, including 17 drum and special effects kits in which different sounds play on different keys. The PSR-E273’s sonic variety lets everyone discover the sounds of pianos, organs, electronic music, the orchestra, non-Western music, and more.

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Perfect for aspiring musicians and developing players, the Yamaha PSR-E273 has an onboard lesson feature and Yamaha Education Suite to learn 100% songs. The black, matte-finish console has color-coded categories, as did its predecessor but in a way that is a little more “grown-up” in appearance. The interface is spontaneous and minimalistic and the color-coding is slight, not bright and cheap-looking. It is immediately reasonable. The Function button made zipping through options really easy for me. For younger ones, there is a quiz mode that uses the same sounds as game-play. However, the PSR-E273 is for any age.

Yamaha PSR-E263 

The Yamaha PSR-E263 is a Portable Keyboard and it is full of amazing sounds and features. Yamaha PSR-E263 is ideal for aspiring musicians who are just starting out. Use the onboard lesson feature, Yamaha Education Suite to learn the songs, or take advantage of 385 instrument Voices and 100 Styles to experiment and create your own melody. The Aux Line Input turns the PSR-E263 into a speaker system for your MP3 player so you can play along or just listen, all for a very reasonable price. It has Duo function or four hands mode.

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The PSR-E263 has 61 keys and features a broad array of functions and sounds. The keyboard can also affiliate with an external audio device. This means you could plug in your iphone to play background music without bringing another set of speakers. The LCD display is easy to read, there are 384 sounds, plus 16 different drum and sound effect kits. There is a duo mode on the keyboard. This is helpful to play along with a student and hear precisely the equal notes. For individuals who do not have an instructor to guide them in learning piano, the E263 has built-in lesson features for individual notes, chord study, and style guide.

Yamaha EZ220

The Yamaha EZ 220 is an electronic keyboard and is ideal keyboard for beginners with curiosity. It has illuminated 61 keys, so you can easily learn to play with its learning suite.

In my point of view, it is a very precise product for people who want to experiment with a affordable keyboard. The Yamaha EZ 220 comes with 32-voice polyphony for trouble-free learning. A medium level keyboardist will easily overcome this polyphony. It’s got about 392 sounds. It’s an opportunity to play with moderately acceptable piano sounds. But it’s still a keyboard for beginners.

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On the other hand it has 100 styles of accompaniment to play on and that follow what you are playing. It has a USB MIDI to HOST connection that allows you to connect the keyboard to amusic editing program such as CUBASE and record MIDI tracks that can then be exported to music sheet directly. It’s very good, weighs only about 4 Kg. and can work with batteries. It is too light as to take it home with your classmates and rehearse in acoustics including power supply. It has 2.5 W speakers, adequate to rehearse in a house. 

Yamaha YPT255

The Yamaha YPT255 Keyboard is designed to be the perfect instrument for beginners to learn on, with the functions and capabilities that will assist anyone to play the piano. It is easy to use, has high-quality sound, onboard education features, and compact size.

The Yamaha YPT255 Keyboard has the extremely praised keyboard, but also comes with an AC adapter, keyboard stand, and headphones, to help you get started enjoying playing the piano. It’s everything a beginner needs to start a musical journey. Yamaha YPT255 is compact, portable body weighing only 9 pounds.

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The Yamaha YPT255 is a reasonable model that also allows users play along with a band or use the devoted Portable Grand button to directly call-up a great sounding grand piano. Additional features include the Yamaha Education Suite built-in lessons that let users teach themselves to play, a new power-saving model. Yamaha YPT255 comes with the Samson HP30 closed back studio headphones. It has 385 high-quality voices, including pianos, guitars, drums and orchestral instruments. Also 100 styles and 102 preset songs with digital scores from various musical genres to help you with your piano lessons. It has AUX input jack to enjoy playing along with your favorite songs.

Yamaha YPT260

The Yamaha YPT260 is a Portable Keyboard. It is sophisticated enough to provide both novices and intermediate piano players with a variety of musical choices, expressions, and experiences that make it a great investment in a musical journey.

The Yamaha YPT260 Keyboard is designed for beginners, and easy to use for even complete amateurs. It has built-in education features to make learning the piano quick. It’s lightweight and portable, able to be powered with batteries for outdoor play. But it also has more advanced digital piano features for more sophisticated sounds and compositions, going beyond a simple entry-level keyboard.

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It’s a great choice for piano teachers as well, they can use the duo mode and learning suite to give or enhance lessons.

The Yamaha YPT260  comes with a music stand, a power adapter, and a downloadable song book. The Yamaha YPT260 has 61 keys. It has an LCD display and included AC adapter, or with 6 AA batteries. The Yamaha YPT260 tones are generated with AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) stereo sampling. AWM make tones expressive, nuanced, and authentic instrument sound. Built-in amplification boosts tones from the onboard 12 cm speakers that produce good quality sounds. It has 16 drum, 384 instrument voices and SFX sounds. It also has 5 types of chorus, 9 types of reverb and 130 preset accompaniment styles.

Yamaha Reface CS

From Yamaha the Reface CS is an analog modeling synthesizer offer easy controls and complex sounds in a small size. Based on the CS-80 synthesizer, the CS or “Control Synthesizer” is a re-imagined interface providing 8-note polyphony with five oscillator modules capable of creating a range of sounds from analog to digital.

The Yamaha reface CS has dedicated sliders for making sound design, with easy and quick exploration. The oscillator section presents five waveforms with additional texture and mod controls, while the 18 dB-per-octave low-pass filter offers cutoff frequency and resonance controls. The envelope generator features the classic attack, decay, sustain, and release (ADSR) controls. An envelope generator balance slider assigns the control to the filter when at the top, or the amplifier at the bottom, and blends the two when placed in the middle. The low-frequency oscillator offers a permanent waveform with a four way switch to route the signal to pitch, filter, amplifier, or off.

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Other features include a pitch-bend lever, a dedicated volume control, built in stereo speakers, an octave slider, and a looped section which operates a phrase looped for recording and playing back multiple, overlaid loop phrases. On-board effects include distortion, chorus/flange, and delay with additional controls for depth and time. The CS can be powered by 6 “AA” batteries and for hands-free volume control it offers a foot control connection.

Yamaha montage8

The Yamaha Montage8 is an exclusively powerful sound design and live performance machine, though be careful of the overwhelming depth. Yamaha Montage 8 is88 weighted and pressure sensitive keys, as well as the sound creation functions, make it a solid tool for music production.  The Montage 8 stands out for having a complete keyboard and offering a great diversity of functions for musical creation and production. It comes with 88 weighted pressure sensitive keys and balanced hammer technology. It features 7-inch color display with touch technology.

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It has Tone generator with Motion Controlof 8 FM-X elements. Yamaha Montage 8has 8 operators and 8 algorithms and two sound engines AWM2+FMX. The Yamaha Montage 8 is a great sound quality keyboard; however, it is vital to remember the fact that as it is a musical production tool, it does not have integrated speakers, so it will be essential to obtain a quality amplifier to take improvement of the sound. The Yamaha Montage 8 has connectivity option; 2 USB ports, balanced online input and output, options for sustain pedaldamper pedal and various accessories. It simply has everything you need to use the keyboard on stage, or in a music studio.  The measurements of this keyboard make it lighter and comfortable than some of its competitors.

Yamaha NP32

If you are looking for a novice keyboard then Yamaha NP32 is the best option. The Yamaha NP32 is a perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. It is light, compact and piano-style keyboard. This is one of those things that will make you understand that sometimes, less is more.

 The Yamaha NP-32 has 76 keys and dual 6W speakers. You can pick from a black or white finish to suit your taste and playing environment. Yamaha has done well, is available in several variations. It’s unfortunate that the controls feel fragile. Its Upgrades are impressive. 

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Now you can connect the keyboard with your iPhone or an iPad and use the latest app with the amazing graphics interface and loads of features. You can also attach this keyboard with a PC. The USB port makes the situation so much enhanced and easier than ever before. The NP-32 has a weaker battery life, but we can chalk that up to the higher wattage speakers. If you are on a low budget, but looking for a sophisticated and attractive digital keyboard, you will be more than just pleased with this unit. It simply has it all and it is still more inexpensive than equivalent models.

Yamaha PSR F51

The PSR-F51 is a portable keyboard with lowest price tag that Yamaha present. 

 The Yamaha PSR E is a series of keyboards designed for beginners and people who want to try out with a keyboard and a massive amount of sounds without great pretensions. 32-note polyphony allows for the performance of beginners to superior level pieces, allowing for sustained notes to ring through without being cut off. It has 61 full-sized keys with basic features.

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Its Auto power off feature saves energy by shutting down after a period of idleness. 

The sound of F 51 portable keyboard is quite extraordinary for sure. The double speaker system produces loud sound without cooperation on the quality. The headphone connectivity option is also a great add on as it allows you to practice noiselessly on your own.

It is very easy to navigate because of the color coded control panel. The LED panel at front displays your current setting and makes it trouble-free to understand that what is going behind the scene. The 120 realistic instrument voices include pianos, synthesizers, and even complete drum kits. To play the keyboard you just need to select the voice and rhythm and it’s done, good for beginners. 

Yamaha PSS A50

Yamaha debuts the PSS-A50 portable keyboard, a physically petite but musically great inspiration machine for current production on the go. Yamaha call it a “motion effects” option, which opens up a special world of music and that makes it unique from a distinctive portable keyboard. The PSS-A50 has 40 instrument Voices and two drum kits, and that sound quality is more like a professional Yamaha synth. The knowledge of playing these sounds is just as high-end, thanks to a velocity-sensitive, 37-note keyboard from the Yamaha reface family of specialty synths.

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The Motion Effect button adds musical expression such as filter sweeps, modulation and pitch dives. PSS-A50 can function as a MIDI controller for software instruments when connected to a computer with USB cable. At less than 20 inches wide and weighing just over two and a half pounds, the PSS-A50 simply slips into a backpack and it’s built tough. It can run on four AA batteries or via USB bus power, so if it’s plugged into a computer no batteries are required. This much music production capability in a keyboard this tiny and cheap is extraordinary, it’s an ideal for the aspiring manufacturer, but we think even pros would get enthusiastic to it as an idea machine.

Yamaha PSS F30

Only Yamaha could create, featuring a wide range of beautiful sounds, the PSS-F30 is full of fun stuff to help them learn. It’s compact and stylish body discover the globe of music. Designed exclusively for children, the Yamaha PSS F30 portable keyboard is packed with everything you need to experiment with music.

The Yamaha PSS F30 features 37 mini keys and only weighs 1.5kg, extremely portable and perfect for small hands. The PSS F30 is guaranteed to impress with 120 instrumental voices and 114 back styles to play. Yamaha PSS F30 can easily run from just four AA batteries

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For additional fun, a free digital songbook can be effortlessly downloaded for even more music-making excitement! You can play with 30 well-known songs purposefully arranged for children to play, learn, and sing. You can turn any room into a concert hall with Yamaha PSS F30. At just the press of a finger, you can start any of the 114 built-in automatic accompaniment styles. Well if you want to play your own songs, or play from the downloadable songbook, the PSS F30 will definitely help to develop an early love for music across a wide range of genres. It’s well-made and is a valuable impulse purchase.

Yamaha PSS E30

The Yamaha PSS E30 iswith 37 mini keys touch-sensitive keyboard that is the ideal introduction for children to the world of keyboards. The songs included into the PSS-E30 Remie are bliss to listen to. It features quiz mode that plays sound effects and asks which notes are played. With a weight of 1.2 kg and the likelihood to operate the keyboard via batteries, it is the perfect companion when travelling or during spare time time.

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With a width of near 20 inches, this moveable keyboard is easy to pick up and play even for young children. It is fitted with 37 high-quality mini keys so kids will enjoy playing a piano that is the exactly size for them. Remie PSS-E30 has 47 different voices giving you a variety of instrument sounds. Adding to the fun, you also have 74 sound effects which include the sounds of vehicles and animal noises! Yamaha PSS-E30 has 30 built in songs inspire you to play and give you an idea of your potential with this compact keyboard for kids. You also have 28 accompaniment styles and rhythms to play along with are fun and inspiring – perfect for children learning to play the piano.

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