Yamaha DGX 650 Review 2020 – A fantastic digital piano

Introduction to the Yamaha DGX 650

Yamaha is generally considered to be the leader in the production of digital pianos. With the introduction of Yamaha DGX 650 in the market, they have maintained the same tradition that they are known for. The Yamaha DGX 650 with its variety of interactive features is truly an ensemble digital piano. The interactive features not only help in playing the piano but also help in learning the piano and sharing the fun of playing music for all, even for the ones who are not that skilled at the piano.

yamaha dgx 650

Picture of the yamaha dgx 650

With the 88-note full sized Graded Hammer Standard action provides the player with a perfect tone along with the touch of an acoustic piano. The Pure CF sampling and Damper Resonance DSP gives the Yamaha DGX 650 o a true as well as an accurate reproduction of sounds of the piano’s acoustic counterpart. The Pure CF sampling also includes the recordings of a grand piano concert of Yamaha. With the help of a USB audio recorder which has to be added in, one can instantly capture his musical achievements and share the same. The Yamaha DGX 650 gives the player a classic touch of the piano through which he can experience contemporary music.

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Yamaha DGX 650 Playing Features 

The Yamaha DGX 650 provides the experience of playing a real acoustic piano as it has a comprehensive suite of features which helps in delivering great performances that can help the player to give musical inspiration to the others easily. The features of Yamaha DGX 650 are:

  • Pure CF Sampling – Pure tone of the Grand Concert Piano

With the Pure CF sampling, while playing the piano, one can experience the sound of a full grand piano being played at the Yamaha CFIIIS Concert. The sample is tuned in a meticulous and careful manner under certain controlled conditions so that the superb instrument can reproduce the real resonance and tone with amazing fidelity.

  • GHS Keyboard – Real Feel of Acoustic Piano

The GHS Keyboard is developed in such a way so that it is able to capture the real spirit and soul of an acoustic piano. The GHS or the Graded Hammer Standard keyboard offers the players with the expression of an acoustic piano. This helps the player to experiment with subtle dynamics and nuanced tones. The acoustic piano’s graded touch is also duplicated by the keyboard and the bass registers provide a firm feel which allows the lighter transitions and also gives a delicate feel for the treble keys in the keyboard.

  • Sweet Voices

The authentic guitars with punchy brass and lush strings are contrary to that of the Yamaha DGX 650. The voice features provided by Yamaha is a unique blend of stereo, multi-layered and long samples which help in capturing the true spirit of every instrument from genuine resonance to vibrato and expression.

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  • The Big Box Speakers – Dynamic and Powerful Sound

The powerful stereo speakers of the Yamaha DGX 650 are placed in large enclosures along with separate tweeters and woofers that help in delivering pure treble along with distortion-free and powerful bass. The same provides excellent dynamic control.

  • The Smart Chord – Functions as the Perfect Backing Band

The amazing function of the Smart Chord of Yamaha offers the player all the needed backing that one needs. It helps in detecting the exact and appropriate chord that is based on the played notes. One has to only play a single note and the rest of the work will be done by the Smart Chord. It provides the full and professional accompaniment of sound that allows one to enjoy performing.

  • Style Recommender – Styling in an easy way

With the help of the Style Recommender in the Yamaha DGX 650, one is able to easily find the styles without having to search through the endless menus for finding the appropriate one. One has to simply play a few notes of the song that he wants to perform and the Style Recommender will instantly provide a list of the Styles matching the song from where one can select the right one.

  • Lyric Display and Easy-to-Read Score

The LCD display is crystal clear and can display the lyrics and scores which get loaded to the Yamaha DGX 650 through the USB. This frees one from the need of using a music stand while he is practicing.

  • USB Ports – Convenient Transfer of Digital Data

The USB Ports in the Yamaha DGX 650 are used to both device and host while offering the convenient transferring of the digital data from and to the instrument. This makes recording and sharing of music easier. One can also create their own CDs and can edit the sounds with his PC. The USB flash drives can be utilized for saving the data and using it whenever one needs it.

  • The AUX – in port

By connecting external devices like iPod to the AUX.-in port one can listen to his music with the help of the speakers of the piano with crystal clear sound effects.

  • Monitor Speakers – Perfect Onstage Performance

With the help of the Monitor Speakers, one can provide the output sound through the Yamaha DGX-650’s speakers when he is using headphones. They are also perfect for the onstage performances.

General Features of Yamaha DGX 650

Dimensions: it has a width of 1397mm along with the keyboard stand of 1399mm. the height of the instrument is 146mm and with the keyboard, the stand is of 761mm. the depth is 445mm and is the same with the keyboard stand. The weight is 22.5kg and with the keyboard stand, it is 29.5 kg.

  • Control Interface: There are a total number of 88 keys and comes with a Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard. The touch responses are soft, medium, hard and fixed. The Pitch Bend is present and the type of Display is Full-Dot LCD. The size comes in 320 X 240 dots and has monochrome color. Besides, it has the options of contrast, Score Display function, Lyrics Display function and the language displayed in the panel in English.
  • Voices: Along with the Pure CF Sound Engines, the Damper Resonance is also present. The number of polyphony present is 128. The number of voices present is 147 + 15 Drum/SFX Kits along with 381 X Glite. The category of featured voice consists of 1 natural voice, 9 live voices, 7 cool voices, and 8 sweet voices. It comes with the compatibility of GM and X Glite.
  • Effects: The Yamaha DGX 650 contains35 reverb types, 44 chorus types, 237 DSP types, 5 Master EQ types, and the Intelligent Acoustic is also present with the Intelligent Acoustic Control or the IAC.
  • Functions: The Dual Layered functionality is present along with the Spilt and the Panel Sustain found in the Function Menu.
  • Accompanying Styles: The number of styles present is 125 and the options of Fingering are Multi-Fingered, All-Fingered and Keyboard. The Style Controls are MAIN x 2, INTRO, ENDING, FILL-IN. The user styles are in the format of Style File.
  • Other Features: The music database of the Yamaha DGX 650 is 305 with the OTS or One Touch Settings and it comes with the Style Recommender and the Smart Chord.
  • Songs: The number of preset songs is 100 and has 5 recorded songs. The number of tracks is 6 which consist of 1 chord and 5 melodies. If only the melody tracks are recorded, the data capacity is approximately 30,000 notes for 1 user song. Both the options of Playback and Recording are present with the Compatible Data Format.
  • Functions: The number of buttons for registration is 4. The Yamaha Education Suite is also present as a lesson guide and comes with a Chord Dictionary. Along with the Demonstration, the Playback and Recording are done in .wav. The overall controls consist of Metronome and the Tempo Range is from 5-280. The Transpose is from -12 to 0 and 0 to +12. Tuning is present along with the Piano Button which is also known as the Portable Grand Button.
  • Storage and Connectivity: The internal memory is approximately 1.7MB and comes along with a USB Flash Memory.
  • Connectivity: There is a headphone, a sustain pedal, DC IN 12V, pedal unit, AUX-in port, USB to both device and host.
  • Amplifiers and Speakers: The amplifiers are 6W x 2 whereas the speakers are 12cm x 2 and 5cm x 2.
  • Power supply: The power consumption is 13 W whereas the adaptor is equivalent to PA – 150.
  • Accessories: It consists of the Owner’s Manual, Product Registration for Online Membership, Footswitch, Keyboard Stand, AC Power Adaptor and Music Rest.

Apps that can be used

There are certain apps that can function wonders with the Yamaha DGX 650. The NoteStar works well with iPad and iPad 2. The requirement is iOS 4.2 or later and the language is English. The Piano Diary works well with iPad, iPad2,iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch. The requirements are iOS 4.2 or later and the language is English. For the supported instruments, one can use Piano Diary with any piano that is USB equipped or keyboard or digital piano.

With the Yamaha MusicSoft, one can not only learn and perform but can also simply enjoy while listening to the music. One can not only add his favorite songs but also any other content of his choice to his Yamaha DGX 650 and doing this has never been easier. One can either browse MusicSoft by the instrument or by artist and can start downloading the content.

Optional Accessories

RHC3 or the portable headphones define detail and clarity for the enhanced studio and stage performances. It is developed both for studio and road application and has elements of professional quality that can boast the impressive presence of bass and clear the response of treble on the demand of the studio musicians. The design of closed ear and noise reductions features a thickly padded coiled cord with a collapsible headband which provides lasting comfort and convenience while one is traveling. The high quality of headphones is extremely important for any music system. Yamaha’s headphones utilize the latest forms of technology and provide the perfect sound quality for the musical applications and ergonomics and take it both to an economic as well as to a professional level.

FC4 is the piano style sustain pedal provides the realistic expression tool for the electronic keyboard of the present time. Besides adding expression, it’s designed helps it to perform like the sustain pedal of an acoustic piano which is nowadays a necessity for all the keyboards. Along with the solid construction, and the 6 cables, the quality of the object is ensured along and it also provides the guarantee of lasting for a lifetime. It can also be utilized for the synthesizers as tone modules, FS controller, and the drum machines. The two other features are the 6-foot cable and the ¼” phone plug. It is known to work with any keyboard using a sustain pedal having a ¼” connector.

The i-UX1 can be connected to the instrument to the iOS applications for expanding of the music world in the mobile. It offers a connection of USB MIDI between the instruments that are USB equipped and iOS applications that are Core-MIDI compliant. It is an interface cable that enables iPhone or iPad to get connected to the instrument having the USB for hosting connectivity. The set up is not at all difficult.

FC5 is the footswitch style of the sustain pedal. The electronic keyboards having the “Sustain” labeled input jack use the FC5 in the same manner as the sustain pedal is used on an acoustic piano. The rubber bottom that is specially designed grips the floor as one plays. It can also be used as an FS controller for tone modules, synthesizers and drum machines.

BB1 is the Black Piano Style Bench which is the elegant piano bench found in the traditional pianos. Along with a beautiful black finish, it has 4 wooden legs and a comfortable and padded seat.

The UD-BT01 helps in setting the music free with the connectivity of the wireless MIDI.

Conclusion on the Yamaha DGX 650

This model of Yamaha has got the label of a portable grand digital piano. The real quality of the Yamaha DGX 650 will not only help in skilling up the pianist’s level but will also provide him with brilliant dynamics and sounds for all of his personal performances. With the sample of the realistic sound of the grand piano, Yamaha has hit another mark. The sound quality goes unmatched while being compared with the price of the digital piano. The present voices make up the catalog of songs that have been uploaded in the piano.

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