Yamaha CP4 Digital Piano Review 2018

Introduction to the Yamaha CP4 

The world today has changed and even the music industry has witnessed tremendous changes especially where pianos are concerned. Unlike in the past where pianos were grand and featured built-in hammers and wooden cabinets, digital pianos are generally less bulky but still deliver as good if not better than the old pianos. This is beside the fact that digital pianos are also easier to deal with especially for those who are learning this device. In this review we will take a look at the Yamaha CP4.

There are many benefits associated with digital pianos. As long as the digital piano is of good quality, it is a much better choice for most players for many reasons. Some of these reasons are;

  • The Yamaha CP4 is Affordable

Digital pianos are quite affordable, especially when compared to acoustic pianos. For players who are just getting into this field, the digital piano makes more economic sense. If you have a child who wants to play the piano, you can choose to buy a digital piano that promises to deliver great sound and is also friendly to a learner. You can then graduate to the acoustic piano after allowing your child adequate time to practice and perfect this skill.


Most digital pianos are portable. This works great for most players looking for a keyboard that they can literally take anywhere. The acoustic piano takes a lot of space and most if not all versions of the Yamaha CP4 are designed for static playing.

  • High-quality sound

The sound in an acoustic piano is produced when the hammers strike the strings and the quality of sound to a large extent depend on how well the piano is tuned. In the case of digital pianos, the sound is produced electronically. This only means that the sound that these pianos produce is high in quality especially if the Yamaha CP4 in question is made by a reputable brand.

  • No tuning needed

An acoustic piano has to be tuned at least twice every year. The tuning process can be quite cumbersome and you have to do this twice in a year and sometimes more if you move houses or move the piano a few times. The digital piano is always ready for you and this instrument requires minimal if any maintenance even with everyday use.

  • Comes with MIDI

The digital piano comes with MIDI which makes it easy for players to connect the digital piano to a computer for easier recording. MIDI also makes it easy for players to load files stored in CDs into the piano. This is in addition to this, the headphone output that comes with most digital pianos makes listening enjoyable and eliminates disruptions when practicing.

Though digital pianos come with numerous benefits, the truth is that only the really good ones can be as good as the acoustic piano. The more advanced digital pianos come with a synthesizer and slots that make it possible for users to connect the Yamaha CP4 to the internet and make expansions where necessary. One of the best digital pianos today is made by the world’s leading musical instruments manufacturer. The Yamaha CP4 is ranked among the best digital pianos that come with all the great features of digital pianos but still maintain that acoustic piano feel.

Yamaha is one of the most reputable Brands where musical instruments are concerned. This company has an impressive track record and most if not all Yamaha instruments live up to their reputation and perform beyond users expectations. When it comes to pianos, Yamaha has a variety of keyboards and both novice and a seasoned player can get something that will appeal to them. The keyboards also come in different prices and there are enough options for players shopping on a budget or those looking for a grand piano for their home. One of Yamaha’s best creation is the Yamaha CP4 digital piano.

Otherwise known as Yamaha’s best stage piano, the Yamaha CP4 comes with a number of features that makes it stand out from the rest. Thanks to technology and Yamaha’s dedication to producing nothing short of the best and most innovative products, this piano comes in a reasonable weight. Compared to stage pianos available a few years back, this 17.5 kg piece is among the lightest pianos in this category. Below is a detailed review of the Yamaha CP4 piano that includes the piano’s most notable features, what players like about it and why this Yamaha creation stands out from the rest.

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Notable Features of the Yamaha CP4

Overall Construction

Just like all Yamaha keyboards, the Yamaha CP4 piano is designed to stand the test of time. All materials used to make the keyboard are high in quality and all parts are assembled together so well such that the end product is nothing short of perfection.

This keyboard features wooden keys that are sure to deliver great response and a perfect touch. The keys are graduated to deliver a perfect natural feel. The keyboard also comes with synthetic ivory keytops and this together with the smooth finish makes this an elegant and great looking piano.

The keys form the dominant part of the keyboards and all control buttons are concentrated to the left of the front panel. These control buttons include the layer and the split buttons. The keyboard also features voice control buttons that make it possible for players to call the sounds they need. The control panel is quite intuitive which makes this keyboard ideal for different players including those who are working to perfect their skills. Generally, the overall construction is great and this is a piano that will look great in a modern home.


This keyboard functions pretty much like the grand piano. In a real sense, the Yamaha CP4 is a portable version of the grand piano. The sound quality is just as great and the ivory keytops and Grade hammer resemble the ones in the grand piano. The wooden keys in this keyboard deliver the perfect response and it helps that the slim design and overall finish gives this keyboard that stage presence that should be in every stage piano.

Aside from the keys and overall sound quality, this keyboard is also friendly to the user. While many players have a hard time transitioning from acoustic to a digital piano, this keyboard is designed to make this transition seamless. The fact that it also comes with an easy to understand interface makes it one of the most user-friendly keyboards in the market today. This keyboard works perfectly for pianists who play before huge crowds and wants everyone in the room to hear them well. The keyboard also works for beginners and people who want to perfect their skills and advance to new heights.

This Yamaha CP4 comes with layer and split controls which mean that users can split and layer sounds when playing and all this is just a single button away. Even better, the keyboard comes with large lighted buttons that deliver adequate light to operate the other control buttons even when playing on a darkened stage.


Yamaha is known for its great sounding pianos and the Yamaha CP4 is no exception. The quality and playability of this keyboard is impressive. Any player looking for clarity, warm, and silky sounds will love this keyboard. The keyboard simply comes with the authentic sound characteristic of Yamaha grand pianos.

Yamaha makes use of the Virtual Circuitry Model technology to ensure that the musical simulation and sound quality of this keyboard is similar to that of the grand piano. The fact that the keyboard also comes with all the famous grand piano and other classic sounds makes this keyboard worth every penny.

This keyboard comes with a variety of voices that players can call depending on what they are playing. Available voices include organ, strings, and bass just to mention but a few. With this keyboard, players can also store their favorite sounds. In simple terms, this keyboard comes with the typical electric and acoustic piano sounds and over 400 additional sounds that are based on the leading MOTIF synthesizer in the industry.


Ideally, stage pianos should be portable and the Yamaha CP4 is lightweight and comes in a design that makes it easy to carry. With all the features that this keyboard comes with, it is a wonder that it is this portable. The keyboard comes in a slim design for easy handling and transportation. The keyboard weighs about 48 pounds which is not much considering the sound quality and the overall performance of this Yamaha keyboard.

The fact that this keyboard is portable does not mean that it is not perfect for static playing. Coupled with the Yamaha stand, this keyboard transforms into an elegant piano. Unfortunately, the keyboard does not come with the stand and players have to choose any of the Yamaha stands or any other stand that is consistent with the size of this keyboard and how they play.

The portability of this keyboard makes it quite versatile. Players can comfortably use the keyboard at home and easily carry it to any location for practice or gigging. The keyboard just like all Yamaha instruments is made to the highest quality and users can carry the keyboard to a different location without worrying about damages and broken parts after only a short time. Even though this keyboard has not been in the market for long, there are no complaints to date of substandard keyboards that did not deliver as promised.


This keyboard comes with a two-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. This duration is standard for keyboards in this category but it is great that buyers can buy with confidence knowing that their instrument and investment is well covered against all manufacturer-related defects.

Yamaha instruments are backed by years of experience and most if not all Yamaha keyboard last for many years as long as they are well taken care of. A simple wipe to get rid of dust and dirt is all the exterior casing needs where maintenance is concerned. The fact that most parts are all black means that the keyboard is easy to maintain and users rarely have to think about stains and discoloration on the casing.

Cons of the Yamaha CP4

There are a few things Yamaha would have done differently to take this keyboard to the next level. These include;

Incorporate internal speakers

This Yamaha CP4 comes without internal speakers. You can, however, simply plug in external speakers that will still work great. That said it would be nice if the keyboard could also come with internal speakers so that players do not have to worry about getting the right speakers to work with this keyboard.

The other thing is that this Yamaha CP4 does not come with a custom stand. Though this has no effect on performance, making a stand specifically for this keyboard would have made work easy for many players looking for a piano that comes with all parts and accessories in a single box. Fortunately, there are many Yamaha stands that are a perfect match for this keyboard. There are also many stands made by different manufacturers that also match this keyboard and come at a price that is affordable to all.

When it comes to musical instruments, it is normally the small things that make all the difference. The more than 400 voices, the quality sound, and user-friendly control panel are some of the key features that make this keyboard tick. The keyboard comes with all stage-worthy features that are ideal for performance keyboards in addition to being extremely portable. All these together with the other great features and usability make this a worthy investment for people who play as a hobby and those doing so professionally.

The Yamaha CP4 is definitely a great buy for every serious guitarist. The Yamaha CP4 Keyboard is sure to deliver great quality and unrivaled performance especially where sound quality is concerned. Though this is not the cheapest stage pianos in the market today, it sure falls among the best keyboards ideal for all users. The keyboard is available on Amazon, in different online stores, and stores near you. Just ensure you get the right keyboard and you will never have to deal with a bulky keyboard that is cumbersome and produces an only standard performance for a long time.

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