Yamaha CP300 Review

Yamaha has been launching digital instruments since decades that offers a range of specifications and controls. Yamaha CP-300 is designed professionally as a stage piano with improvised 88-Key Graded Hammer effect key action. It provides you with genuine sound and leaves the crowd in surprise. It is a  perfect to keep it in your music studio because of its outstanding digital ability. We will provide our Yamaha CP300 review here.

Yamaha CP300 Overview


The sound effect provided by this keyboard is extraordinary. The digital piano offers the perfect sound of an acoustic piano. The Yamaha piano is fully equipped with rotary speakers also known as the Leslie speakers, good enough to work its magic in between the crowd. Best known high quality, clear and authentic voice. It is made for grand stage performances as it offers sound quality that is loud and clear for a stage band concert. The stage mode in the Yamaha CP300 is specifically created for live performances.

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Built-in voices include numerous types of pianos, guitar, organ, drum kits and many more. 


Incredible reverb and chorus effect, delay to add definition and intensity to your voice. 


Built in 16 track sequence helps you to record your work by enabling you to separately record the left and the right hand parts. The piano offers remarkable specifications that allows you to play different voices together in a layer. You can record various sounds and tracks and use the edit feature to record your own voice original voices can be played on the system. This is why if you are planning to buy a piano to practice and rehearse – Yamaha CP300 is the right choice. 


It also comes with a performance feature which is absolutely one of the reasons why this digital Yamaha is so efficient. The performance function in the keyboard is extremely helpful and useful. It reserves and saves the complete data and settings of your work and no data is lost. Everything that you have recorded, even if it is in your own voice, the performance feature has got your back. This option is actually very amazing to keep all your work safe in one place.


MIDI in, out and thru jacks are provided for overall adaptability.

Full Controls

Yamaha C300 is strongly equipped with actions like pitch and modulation wheels as well as multiple pedal inputs and zone sliders which helps keep sufficient control over the sound.


It provides the exact same pedal control as the acoustic piano since it has got four pedal inputs along with foot pedal that serves this purpose.

Built-in stereo speakers

The speaker have a separate button for on and off.


Five – Band master EQ with slider controls is also an option in this digital piano.

Panel Lock

Panel lock feature is a good option given that keeps your settings quite secure. In order to avoid any changes.

Balance Outputs

Balance XLR Outputs are inserted so that you can use the keyboard with any sound system.

USB Port

USB Port is added so you can connect it with your daily electronic gadgets such as Laptop, Computers. Making it easy for you to record and create your performances.


Automatic power of function is also given.

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Yamaha CP300 Conclusion

If you have been using the Yamaha series of keyboards earlier, this is certainly an upgrade for people who are learning piano or practicing piano. It beats the other pianos because of its clear and high-quality sound and also because the piano gives a feel of a real acoustic piano. The quality of the keyboard is outstanding and it is very user-friendly. Yamaha CP300 comes with a user-manual which makes it simple for the users. Also, the box includes one-year warranty which is a plus point.

The only downfall about the digital 88-key grades hammer keyboard is that it is massively heavy and bulky. It surely weight a lot! It is not easy to lift and shift this piano alone. Since it is heavy, you surely need to have a stand to play the piano. The keyboard keys will need to be replaced because of the material used as it can be broken easily. Travelling around with this piano can be very difficult as well.

You must buy this piano because this piano is a complete package. It has everything what a digital piano requires and it feels like you are using a real acoustic piano. The options are exceptionally good and it would be a good purchase. For people who wants to you use a fully professional keyboard, this =would be a right choice. The excellent sound quality helps you to perform live on stage because of the stage mode provided. Altogether, Yamaha CP300 is worth every penny if you are looking for a grand acoustic piano.

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