Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano Review 2019

Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano

The Williams, known for their vast provisions of digital piano introduces a redefined, affordable yet elegant Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano. This micro piano styled with 88-key graded hammer-action instrument comes with a luxurious gloss finish that offers a realistic sound and feels. This all-new Key-bed piano provides you with a new standard in authentic response and playability and comes with lots of unique features that make it simply outstanding and amazing. The features will be discussed below.

General Body Structure

The Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano is simply an inspiring musical instrument that’s built in an elegant and unique style that makes it an attractive musical complement to any home, church, school etc. The sweet shape and enclosable piano lead that comes with it gives it that feel of an acoustic grand piano with an ebony finish that just makes it fit into any décor. This digital ground piano is built with expressive control of rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments, Intuitive control panel embedded with blue LCD display, 120 Style Arranger songs for real-time performance and graded-hammer action weighted keys for authentic response and playability and rich detailed piano sounds.

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Sound Productions and Special Effects

The Symphony Grand Digital Piano features 174 voices which are about 192MB of the ROM samples. Out of the 174 voices, 46 are from Williams’ exclusive, high-definition custom sound library, while the other 128 general MIDI sounds are from the custom sound library. The custom sound library features both sounds sampled from the Italian grand piano and the vintage electric pianos and organs. With the 128-voice polyphony, you can play naturally as it is or you can use it to remarkably complete other auto-compliment functions, and your notes will never be abruptly cut off.

Also, there are 120 Styles of various genres that come with it for real-time playback, along with intros, fills, variations and endings for interactive performance and the user can easily create keyboard splits, layers and transpose to any key. The Symphony Grand Digital Piano also offers you new realistic effects that enable you to recreate natural reproduction of a real piano which includes an adjustable sustain pedal noise, key release noise and a specially designed sustain layer that reproduces sympathetic resonance when the user depresses the sustain pedal. This great feature enables the Symphony Grand Digital Piano to really produce an exquisite and realistic sound and feel. While the Mod/FX feature delivers authentic rotary effects on organs and vibrato on electric pianos, the six-speaker stereo sound system ensures every note sounds rich and clear. These were really unique features added to ensure you enjoy the quality and good sound.

Other Features and Specifications

The Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano is not just another type of piano but a thoroughly modeled and well finished modern instrument that’s equipped with modern facilities. These facilities include the Bluetooth bi-directional MIDI connectivity for computers, Smartphones, and tablets, so there will be no need for highly priced connecting cables or adapters and you can simply pair any of your devices with the Grand Digital Piano depending on the function you want to achieve.

It also comes with a USB Host port that enables you to play MIDI files from a USB thumb-drive. The built-in two-track recorder that comes with it also makes it easy to capture the user’s performance; which is another great feature of the Grand Piano. The piano also has a MIDI I/O, stereo 1/4″ and RCA audio inputs (this is used for MP3 players and other players), outputs, and a headphone jack.

A Perfect Choice for your Music Education

When building this grand piano, I am pretty sure the Williams also considered it to be fit for musical learning. This explains exactly why the Symphony Grand Digital Piano features unique song tutor that teaches you an assortment of classical song, rock songs, and blues. To even give you more in-depth lessons and knowledge of playing the grand piano, Williams has partnered with McCarthy Music so that they can provide you with cloud-based piano education with their rich and large online music library for every skill level. They also provide you with an onboard metronome that helps players develop an accurate sense of time and tempo.

This Piano is built with elegant style, superior sounds, high-quality construction and impressive features which makes it a great choice for music students, home performance, personal use, churches, schools etc. You can get yours today…

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