RockJam 61 Key Electronic Keyboard Review 2019

Introduction to the RockJam 61-Key 

When it comes to time to compose or make music nothing compares to having a great keyboard on your side. A keyboard is a perfect equipment that allows you to create full songs, playing and recording music. One of the most efficient keyboards that can offer you a great experience is RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard. This is a keyboard that has all the features and other things you require to make your own great music and create beats. Whether you are working alone or with a band, this piano model is what you need. To gain more understanding read this RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard review.

Playback and record

One of the greatest things about this keyboard is that it gives you the ability to record your music and also play it back any time you want to. It has all the instruments that you would want to include in your music installed. It gives you the ability to sample and record a wide range of sounds in order to come up with exceptional beats. These are two features that are very important especially if you are a music composer or you want to create your own beats.

Key features you will like on Rockjam 61-Key:

  • Stand feels study, unit feels high quality
  • Adjustable in height, so its comfortable to play for anyone (it actually goes pretty low)
  • Seat is compact in size
  • LCD screen comes in handy if you forget a key
  • Comes with headphones, but they aren’t super high quality. You’ll want better ones.
  • Good starting point piano

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Control pad and LCD Screen 

With RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard you will be able to take full control of everything. The great thing about this model that makes it exceptional from the others is that it has an additional large LCD screen. This gives you the ability to view whatever is going on and make the right adjustments when needed. It has a control panel that is fully integrated, which is easy to use and offer a wide range of options to come up with the best music. It offers all the instructions needed by beginners to make them learn different skills and techniques. Learners are instructed on which keys to press or the chords they are supposed to play when trying some of the demo songs. This makes the keyboard a great option for starters in playing the keyboard and also composing own music. The Roc

Provide a wide range of rhythms and sounds

This keyboard spoils you with the options in terms of beats and sounds you can select. It is fully loaded with more than a hundred sounds such as organ, electric piano, and synth. In addition, it also comes with a hundred rhythms, giving you an opportunity to come up will all types of music you want with just a press of a button. If you are a beginner, you will be instructed on how to go about selecting the different sounds and rhythms depending on the music you are playing.

Complete setup

Another thing that makes RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard unique is that it is a full setup. What this means is that in addition to the keyboard itself, there is an X stand, padded seat, and headphones. These features make it possible for you to play without causing any form of disturbance. It comes with all that you need, thus making your music career interesting and a reality. The other great thing is that it has inbuilt speakers that make your room be filled with resonant and rich sound.


  • A wide range of sounds that makes it great
  • One hundred beats available
  • One hundred different sounds integrated
  • Built-in speakers
  • Stand and seat included
  • Microphone and headphone available
  • Additional big LCD screen
  • Comes preloaded with Fifty demo songs
  • Control options that are highly customizable
  • Playback and record options available


  • The seat provided is a bit flimsy
  • There is no USB connection
  • It only works with iPad

The final verdict on the Rockjam 61 Electronic Keyboard

RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard is a piano that every music lover should have in order to get the best experience and results. It has all the features that you need and the good thing is that you get it at a very affordable price. In terms of performance, it can be rated as a great because its performance is like of other high priced keyboards you find in the market. You will like it because of its simplicity, portability and you can do everything that you need with it. If you are a beginner or want to have something that your kids will enjoy, this is a great piano.

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