Plixio 61 Digital Piano Review -A great starter piano-

Plixio 61 Overview

The Plixio 61 Key Full Size Electronic Music Keyboard Electric Piano with USB & MP3 Input- Portable is an excellent choice if you want to learn to play a keyboard or improve your skills. It has all the features an intermediate level player will need while not being overwhelming for the absolute beginner.

What features do you look for when buying a beginner’s keyboard? What are some of the primary skills that you should gain for a successful playing career in the future? The initial phase of any keyboard player lays the foundation of their entire music career. Spending this time on the right keyboard will ensure that your development is efficient, fast and as realistic to acoustic instruments as possible. It’s for such reasons that the choice of the type of keyboard you begin with is paramount in determining how well you’ll progress. You need a keyboard that’s easy to use with songs that can help you to develop various skills and this is what the Plixio Digital Piano is designed to do.

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Plixio digital piano

Plixio Digital piano is a 61-key electronic console that promises to deliver an impressive keyboard playing performance. It is equipped with almost all sorts of features a beginner can ever think of. Additionally, it has various capabilities such as MP3 Input and USB ports that enable you to customize the keyboard for a better-personalized performance. What else does this keyboard offer?

Plixio 61 Specs

The Plixio 61 Key Piano combines the advantages of a single set of keys with some of the options of bigger more expensive digital pianos. While a traditional piano has 88 keys, the Plixio’s 61 keys are more than enough to stretch the fingers of the novice. You don’t get the full musical range of, say a baby grand piano, but realistically you are not going to need it.

First off, as the name suggests, the Plixio’s keys are full size. This makes learning keyboard fingering a bit easier. Until your hand acquires the necessary muscle memory, your digits are better off trying to find large sized keys. The keys themselves have the right firmness while still being very responsive. Importantly the notes they play are in tune. The Plixio’s 61 keys should also be enough to challenge the intermediate level player.

The Plixio 61 Key Full Size Piano has a lesson mode ranging from beginner up to more advanced levels. The lesson mode has a ’beginner’s keyboard’’ to help you understand rhythm and practice different chord combinations. While you can never replace the benefits of a human piano teacher, the lesson mode offers enough scope to get you started and gradually increase your playing ability.

The Plixio has a built-in stand on the top of the piano for sheet music. This prevents any neck strain from craning to read music and promotes the best way to sit at a piano. The Plixio 61 key Full Size Piano has a transpose mechanism operated by a lever that can alter the keyboard position to suit most players.

On top of this piano is an inbuilt stand where you can hang your music sheets. We all know of people who after a few hours of playing the keyboard have to take breaks or even painkillers to relieve neck, eye, and other issues. The strategically placed music sheet stands in this piano have thoroughly addressed this problem. From the stand, your sitting position aligns perfectly with the stand were accessing the sheets is not just easy but also convenient. The keyboard also has a transpose mechanism that is regulated using a lever which enables the user to alter the keyboard’s position to meet their preferences.


The Plixio digital piano is a 61-full size keyboard that incorporates both the benefits that come with a single set of keys and those from bigger and more expensive digital piano for advanced performance. Traditional keyboards have 88 keys which are more than what Plixio offers. However, if you think about it, for a beginner the 61 keys are enough to adequately stretch your fingers which is in fact much more natural to practice with compared to the 88 keys. The keys are also carefully mounted to ensure that firmness is maintained at just the right point. This gives the keys the right degree of responsiveness which makes playing this piano easier.

As a beginner, you are probably going to spend a few hours in a music class but rarely are these hours enough to speed up your growth. So, what happens when you are too enthusiastic to learn and can’t afford to hire a personal tutor? Most other beginner keyboards will ignore this aspect but not the Plixio Digital piano. This keyboard is equipped with a lesson mode which is further divided into various stages depending on your skill levels. As a beginner, the keyboard will give you lessons on how to practice rhythm and how to combine different chords. As you master these skills and gain more confidence, you can move up the ladder to higher skill levels that will further boost your development. Of course, these lessons are not as good as a human teacher and can’t replace one, but they will help you master and grow new skills even when you’re alone.

As your keyboard playing progresses, the Plixio 61 Key Full Size Piano has plenty of options to keep pace. It comes pre-programmed with 100 rhythms, forty tones, different beats and eight percussion sounds along with a range of other sound effects. Some of the instruments the Plixio reproduces include harp, guitar, violin, trumpet, tuba, saxophone, and flute.


As you start to grow in playing the keyboard, you will want to feel more and more challenged. This is the best way to ensure that you are continually advancing your skill set. How does the Plixio digital piano help you with this development? Firstly, the 61 full-size keys should help you grow, and by the time you master all of them you’d be passing into more advanced skill levels. It also has 100 preprogrammed rhythms, eight percussion sounds, forty tones and a wide variety of beats and effects which should keep you on your toes trying to perfect on each one of them. This piano also reproduces various instruments such as saxophone, flute, guitar, violin, harp tuba, and trumpet. The Plixio digital piano is also capable of playing 60 accompanying demo songs!

With the USB port, you can also plug in other music devices that you can use to accompany new sounds or your music. With this port, you can also record and programme songs on the keyboard.

The Plixio digital piano cannot accommodate the amp which is a drawback, but the manufacturer has tried to compensate this with two inbuilt speakers. They produce a high-quality sound loud enough for your living or practicing room. There is also a microphone which makes it easy for you to use the keyboard alongside other instruments. The Plixio can also play sixty accompanying demo songs.

There is a USB port that makes the Plixio 61 Key Full Size Piano[/easyazon_link] flexible enough to accommodate any style of music. Just plug in an M3 player or another device to accompany your playing. There is also the option to programme and record music on the Plixio.

The Plixio 61 Key Full Size Piano package comes with a microphone, a particularly useful feature if you are playing with other live instruments. You can review your music and identify the areas where you need to improve. The Plixio does not have the option of plugging in an amp, but there are two built-in speakers. These offer good quality sound and are plenty loud enough for the average sized living space.

Boosts Portability

Plixio digital piano looks sturdy, but it is a lightweight device that allows you to carry it from room to room conveniently. Taking the keyboard to your music lessons and back home is thus a lot easier as it can also fit perfectly into your car. With this keyboard, you can utilize sockets and when there’s none around you can use 6 AA batteries. It is recommended that you use both but the fact that AA batteries are enough to power the piano makes it even more portable.

Key Features of the Plixio Digital Piano

  • 40 tones
  • 60 demo songs
  • 100 rhythms
  • USB port
  • 61 keys
  • Microphone
  • Lesson mode
  • Programming ad recording capability
  • Assorted sound effects
  • DV 9V outlet adapter
  • Percussion


  • Highly portable
  • The keys are highly responsive and easy to use
  • Comes with a high-quality power cord
  • A wide variety of music to choose from
  • Music recording capability
  • Dozens of inbuilt rhythms
  • Easy-to-use demo songs


  • The keyboard doesn’t come with a stand


While not a household name, Plixio has produced a quality instrument. The digital keyboard is designed with the highest priority given to ease of use and flexibility. This makes it one of the best keyboard options for learners. It is, however, not just limited to students, people with advanced skills can also find excellent features to play around with. This keyboard is with no doubt a decent yet affordable purchase that will completely transform your music career for the better.

Although the Plixio looks and feels sturdy, it is light enough to be carried comfortably from room to room by one person. If you are planning to move it further afield, it fits into car although you might need an extra pair of hands to maneuver it about safely.

The Plixio has plenty of effects to let you experiment while remaining capable of an authentic, traditional piano sound. It is portable and robust. At $59.99 it’s a little pricier than some comparable keyboards. However, if you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, the Plixio 61 Key Full Size Piano is one of the best and most fun introductory/intermediate instruments on the market.


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