Learning Piano As An Adult

How to Start Learning Piano as an Adult

If you are an adult and if you are thinking about learning piano then we have good news for you in this learning piano as an adult article. Learning piano as an adult might sound daunting because most people think it is not possible to start late and be awesome with a piano. It is a wrong concept.

Yes, it is true that if you start learning piano as a child then you will have some benefits but those benefits are not technical ones. For example, you will not feel awkward and you will not think about making mistakes when you are learning piano as a child. All these will trouble you when you are learning piano as an adult. But apart from these types of reasons, there is no difference sense wise or hand wisely when you are learning piano as an adult. Make sure to buy an electronic piano that matches your needs.

If you think about it properly, life has been a lot easier now than before for adults who are interested in learning piano. You can simply buy a set of DVDs online containing piano lessons. You can also take courses online if you want and most of those are good ones which will actually help you to learn the piano.

Let’s make one thing pretty clear here! The piano is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn for adults. Visually, there is not much complexity in a piano and it will not take a long time for you to understand how it operates. However, it will obviously take time to be an expert. Almost everyone says that it takes around 6 years if you are dedicated to being an expert on piano.

So we will start with a few tips on how you can start learning piano as an adult. You can find your own way too but this is what experts recommend and therefore, we do too! Let’s have a look at the sections.

Teachers or Online?

This is the first question that you need to address. Do you need a physical teacher or you can manage things online? Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. What you will have to do is to think about your track history.

Are you someone who can learn anything online? We have seen people who learned guitar within 1 month simply from watching YouTube tutorials. Also, we have seen people who were regular in physical guitar coaching but couldn’t do well! There are opposite cases too! So, think about it.

If you are going for a physics teacher, you will have to have a better budget as they cost way more than online tutorials. If you are going for online tutorials, do not go for something super cheap. Chances are high that you will end up learning nothing from those. We always recommend that you start with YouTube. It is a free resource of millions of quality tutorials.


After you have decided your learning method, it is time to go for the instruments. Obviously, you will need a digital piano for which you can check our best digital piano reviews. You will also need a few books and guides to make your learning phase easier. Remember, if you do not use books while you are learning, you will actually be memorizing and not understanding the piano lessons.


The biggest reason that most people fail learning piano is that they are not disciplined enough. You have to have enough discipline to make sure that you are maintaining your routine. Do not prepare your own routine if you are a newbie. Ask your instructor to prepare one for you. You can also take help from the internet if required.

Once you have a fixed routine, make sure that you never miss a session. The piano is all about continuing your effort till you make it. Try to invest as much time as you can keeping your hands’ pain free and mind irritation free!

Did you think we will have a ton more points? Well, we don’t! This is pretty much all you need to keep in mind when you are learning piano as an adult. Make sure that you are doing well in all three depts. And you will soon have amazing results.

Tips to Keep You Motivated

Now this is another important section that not only adults but everyone interested in digital piano should keep in consideration. The biggest reason that you do not become an awesome pianist is that you can’t be motivated enough without seeing success for a long period of time. What should you do in those cases?

We gathered all the tips that you need to make it. It might be a bit long section but we promise you that you will be benefited with these tips.

No Time is a Bad Time

This point is more applicable to those who think that they can’t learn the piano anymore as they have become old. Listen, you are not old and even if you are in your 80s, you can learn the piano. Yes, you might not be a rock star for a band but is that your purpose? No time is a bad time when you are planning to learn the piano. You can start at any day or at any age! You need to have the desire and nothing else.

Giving Up? NO Way!

Always remember one simple fact. If your body and mind are telling you to give up, it means that you are going to achieve something awesome soon! Your body and mind only get exhausted when you are almost thereof the breakthrough. If you give up now, you will never be able to get back to that situation once again.

There are people who will think that it is just a hobby and nothing will happen if I quit. Yes, nothing will happen in the outer world but you will be a loser and a quitter. If you are alright with that, quit. If you are not, stay upright and try again. You can definitely be a great pianist.


They say singing can take away all tensions. You need to sing when you are playing the piano. This is one of the finest methods to keep you motivated. When you will figure out that you can sing and play at the same time, and your voice is sounding nice, that adds value to the whole thing. Most people do not sing in their lifetime because they think their voice is not good enough. They remain bathroom singers for life.

In reality, there is no bad voice. Again, think about it and you will understand how true is that. There are singers who you love and your friends hate, right? Similarly, there are singers that people love but you can’t even tolerate. It is because everyone has a different taste. The voice amazing to you might be terrible to someone else.

Therefore, do not ever think that your voice is bad. Everyone has a unique voice.

Join Beginner Sessions

Even if you are learning piano as an adult, you can join beginner’s sessions happen on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Simply contact the instructor that you are learning from and ask about the next beginner’s session.

The beauty of beginners’ sessions is that nobody is perfect and people do not even bother to be! It is a session to be awesome and have fun, that’s it! The beginner’s sessions might not have a great tangible value for your time, but we still recommend that you try one. It is a great motivational boost.

Final Words

Finally, we would love to tell those who are learning piano as an adult that there is no right time to learn piano. In fact, if there is a right time then it will always be adult friendly. Do not ever think that you are in a bad position to start learning piano. Anybody can learn piano if they have that desire and wish.

We wish you all the best in that amazing journey.

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