Kawai Digital Piano product Review 2019

Introduction to the Kawai ES110

Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Pian with Speakers is one of the top keyboards you get in the modern market. It is a model that has more features than the model ES100. If you decide to go for this keyboard you can rest be assured that you will get one of the best experiences when playing a keyboard. It has features that make it a great option when playing any genre of music. It is also easy to learn how to play, so it is a great instrument for both new and experienced players. This is a keyboard that responds fast when playing making it an enjoyable instrument for even those who tire quickly. To help you gain more understanding concerning this keyboard here is a great review.


Light in weight

This Kawai digital piano is light in weight despite the many features it contains. This means that it is possible for you to move with it from one place to the other without a lot of problems.

New speaker system

It has a new speaker system that makes it produce high-quality sound when playing. The sound produced is unique compared to the previous ES 100. So, when playing it you can be assured of getting the high-quality sound that you might not get from other models of the keyboard. The good thing is that despite the high-quality sound, it is offered at a very low cost.

MIDI jacks

The keyboard comes with MIDI jacks that are helpful in connecting it with many other instruments, computers, laptops, and many other gadgets. In addition, there is also audio line outputs that help connect it with an audio recorder or an external speaker. There are also two headphone jacks that give parents, teachers and also two people to listen to it.


Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers is Bluetooth enabled. It has a well-integrated Bluetooth technology that makes this digital piano to ensure effective communication with all the supported smart gadgets wirelessly. This makes this keyboard even more efficient as a result of this high connectivity.

Song recorder of the Kawai

There is also a song recorder that helps you to recorder any song and listen to it later. The easy to use three song integrated recorder is great for self evaluation or getting a great moment of inspiration. This recorder also makes it easy to learn how to play it especially if you are focusing on a certain song.

88 keys

This Kawai piano has 88 keys for you to play. These keys are soft and easy to play, making the keyboard an enjoyable instrument. It is not hard to master these keys as it might happen when playing other keyboards.

Integrated lessons

If you are a learner, this is one of the best keyboards for you to learn with. It has integrated lesson that will teach you all the aspects involved in playing it. The good thing is that these lessons are easy to follow and understand. This reduces the stress and hassles involved when learning how to play most other musical instruments. For teachers, the lessons make it easy to teach a student how to play it within a very short time.

Key sensor

The keyboard has key sensor that makes it easy to play it. It is located underneath the middle of the key. This is unlike many other keyboards where the sensor is located underneath the tip of the keys. This is a system that makes the keyboard to respond quicker than other similar digital pianos.

Harmonic imaging technology 

This is a technology that makes the keyboard deliver great grand piano sound. This makes it produce a sound that is meticulously sampled. You get nineteen great sounds such as vibes, strings, electric pianos, choir, harpsichord and others.


This is one of the great techniques you get from this Kawai keyboard. It is possible for you to play two sets of sound simultaneously on a single key. It is possible for you to play string and piano sound or play organ and piano sounds at the same time. The keyboard gives you the opportunity to make the performance greater and you will get more entertainment and enjoyment.


As you play, it is possible for you to play two instruments with each of your hand on the keyboard. For instance, it is possible for the left hand to play vibration while the right-hand plays the piano. The keyboard has the ability to give the effect of one player playing two instruments at the same hand.

Duet mode

As you play, it will be possible for you to divide it into two separate pianos with the similar chromatic scale. This makes the keyboard great for a piano lesson because it makes it easy for a teacher and student to work together well.

Has a transpose function

This is a great function that makes it possible for you to harmonize easily with a variety of instruments.


The keyboard comes with a furniture stand and triple pedals. They are adjustable making it easy to play the keyboard while standing or sitting down.


  • Easy to the player for beginners and experienced players.
  • Portable because of its lightweight.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Integrated lessons that make learning easy.
  • Advanced key sensor.
  • The speaker that produce perfect sound.


Considering most other models of keyboards and even its previous model ES100 I would recommend this keyboard for any player who wants to have a unique and great playing experience. Its features make it a more integrated instrument in which you can play a lot of instruments at the same time. This reduces the needs to buy other instruments for your music enjoyment sessions.

If you are the kind of a player who moves from one area to another, this keyboard is also a perfect choice because of its light weight. You can carry it to any place you want to play not only because of its lightweight but also the fact that it is not too large in size. It is also less costly compared to other pianos.




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