Casio PX 150 Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s-

Introduction to the Casio PX 150

If you want to learn how to play piano then Casio PX 150 is perhaps the best option. By providing you with a comprehensive playing and learning experience, it can prepare you well for real piano experience. Since it has a variety of features found in most high-end pianos, this piano can be mistaken for real piano masquerading as a keyboard. Best of all, it comes with everything that you’ll require to start paying.

By combining powerful sound with a good sound engine, this Casio is able to deliver a specific expression and detailed nuance that can only be found in grand pianos. However, unlike the grand piano, the Casio PX 150 usually delivers a powerful sound in a portable and lightweight manner. Perhaps the aim of the creators was to take a powerful machine and just add on it to make it greater than before. As matter of fact, you’ll be surprised that most of its features are also present in high-end piano pieces.

Key features

Realistic piano sound- Apart from its unique 128 note polyphony, the PX is also able to provide you with more natural tonality. If you combine this with new intelligent and Acoustic resonator System, the attention to a real piano is unparalleled. More so, its Damper resonance simulator will provide you with the sound of a realistic string section. Its sound mechanism basically offers unmatched realism and detail that gives you the best performance.

It has an improved memory

With the piano model, Casio has gone ahead to improve its sound quality by improving its memory. The Casio PX 150 comes with more than 3 times the memory of the last version hence has more natural tone this feature combines well with the quality sound engine and AIR technology to give it a superior grand sound.

It has touch sensitive keys

This is perhaps one of the best features that you’ll find in this piano. Its new 88 note tri-sensor key design is just flawless. Thanks to the ebony and ivory textured keys and scaled hammer keyboard, you will think that you are playing a real piano. The feeling that you get from the keys allows for both accuracy and speed thereby allowing your fingers to move the keys as slowly or as quickly as you’d like. Since the sound engine is perfect it will give you the ultimate feel and sound of a grand piano.

Mini USB Connectivity

This digital piano also features a USB connectivity that allows them to be used with Mac Computers and Windows without the need of downloading any additional drivers. More so, its capability will allow it to be downloaded to the piano or uploaded to the computer without any problem.

Functions and accessories

The Casio PX 150 provides a number of instrument voices such as strings, organs, and bass. It also features a layer and split modes allowing for layered tone on one side and bass on the other side. Its Duet mode spits it into two. Also, its optional accessories are the SP-33 pedal and the instruments height that provide almost the same function as the grand piano.

It enables a wide array of play- If you are playing keyboard with limited play it can get boring after some time since you are more likely to finish the melodies and the songs available before long. Thankfully, with this casino, you will never have to be faced with this scenario since it provides you with a variety of plays. More so, its keyboard comes with 4 layer stereo sounds and 18 built tones with layer and split capabilities, in addition, its audio recording can enable you to record compositions, store the songs and connect your Casio PX 150 to the computer.

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Advanced features and sound options

One of the advantages that this keyboard has over the piano is that apart from its price and portability it’s the number of sounds and features you get. From pianos to brass to strings to organs it’s the piano that will put the entire play right at your fingertips. Plus, you can layer and split your sounds as you play bass

Compatibility with other devices

Since it’s important for companies such as Casio to remain on top of the latest innovations in technology and music recording, they have provided class-compliant USB connectivity allowing you to set up the Casio PX-150 with windows and Mac without any further downloads. As a matter of fact, you can even use the piano to control your iPad by running it through Apple’s Camera kit.

Advantages of the Casio PX 150

  • It has an authentic feel- As compared to other digital instruments that have a slippery plastic feel, this piano offers a feeling of an ebony textured key and weighted ivory.
  • Weight- Weighting on 20 pounds it’s perhaps one of lightest pianos in the market. This makes it the best option for those who need to carry around from venues to homes for rehearsals.
  • Has intelligent and acoustic resonator- its acoustic and intelligent resonator provides a very realistic experience. More so, its audio compression technology also allows samples to be reproduced and recorded without interfering with its quality.
  • Sound system- It comes with two built-in speakers that offer enough sound quality. When you add headphones, its sound quality can be greatly enhanced.
  • It has good quality headphones.


· While the weighted key is important to prepare for playing, most users have said that the keys can be a bit heavy. In fact, some think that they are heavier than the ones found in most acoustics.


If you like buying good items then Casio PX-150 is exactly the product that you need. This digital piano not only has good ratings but has the best quality and performance. According to some customers, it does not have any cons at all. Overall, everything about it is just great. It comes with amazing sound quality, great keyboard, nice features affordable price and fabulous accessories. As compared to other pianos that go for the same price the Casio PX-150 is the best digital piano currently on the market. It’s, therefore, one of the best choices for anyone who is looking for a budget piano but still wants to get a quality instrument.

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