Alesis V25 Review 2020 – Pro’s & Con’s

Alesis V25 Review

The V25 is discontinued. You can check the newer product, our Alesis VI25 Review.

A digital piano is a MIDI keyboard. MIDI means a Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This Alesis MIDI keyboard is an electronic music keyboard used for sending midi commands through a USB or a midi spin cable to other musical devices. Research Alesis v25 midi keyboard review in this article. Best price & features of this quality midi keyboard.

There are various types of MIDI keyboards. These include;

Novation LaunchPad Pro

The Novation Launchpad pro has a unique control surface which includes buttons that are specifically used for mixing, triggering loops, manipulating clips and firing off effects. It contains an entire suite of software such as FL studio software, Ableton live software and Reason software. This midi keyboard retails for 178 dollars at Amazon and is eligible for free shipment.

Korg Nano key 2/Nano pad 2

This is an ultra-compact device that has two separate devices used as one in order to save space and eliminate the use of a foot pedal by introducing a sustain button. The midi keyboard retails at 49 dollars in Amazon for the Nano key 2, and 58 dollars for the Nano pad 2. It is also eligible for free shipment when a buyer requests an order.

Akai Professional MPD 18

This is a midi keyboard that has 16 velocity pressure, sensitive pads and 3 sound banks. It is USB powered and does not require any AC adapter because the USB evens out the powers by controlling the MIDI software, as well as the hardware to power a portable production. The retail price at Amazon is 130 dollars and it is also eligible for free shipping once you place an order.

M Audio Oxygen

M Audio Oxygen is a midi keyboard that is easy to navigate and has an IOS connectivity which is suitable for iPods, iPads, and iPhones.  It has a digital audio workstation (DAW) which is a system designed for the purpose of editing, playing back audio and recording.  The M audio has different keys which make the keyboard vary in prices such as the 25 keys which retail at 115 dollars, the 49 keys that retail at 170 dollars and the 61 keys which retails at 217 dollars in Amazon.

Factors to Consider When Buying a MIDI Keyboard

Where one would use the keyboard; if one is on the move you should consider a keyboard that is small and portable.

How much space is available in the home area? This should also be kept in mind when considering to buy a keyboard so as to maximize on space.

There are also three different types of keys which include;

  • Semi-weighted keys – these have less resistance and the springs are very slow.
  • Full weighted keys – these offer a little resistance and springs back more quickly compared to semi-weighted.
  • Synth keys – They offer no resistance and the keys springs back very quickly.

We are going to focus on Alesis V25 which is a perfect USB midi keyboard controller that can be used with virtual instruments, plugins, and other appliances. The Alesis V25 contains 25 full semi-weighted velocity sensitive keys which are used to expand the keyboard to full melodic ranges. It has 8 velocity sensitive pads with blue led illumination and can be used also at night during concerts for drum sequencing, pattern, loop trimming or just playing programming chords.

It contains 4 assignable knobs and buttons used for manipulating the effect of plugins, open and close filters, adjusts volume levels and tweaks parameters. The Alesis V25 is suitable for people looking to save space because it is lightweight and compact.

This 25 note synth keyboard is ideal for a two-handed performance and has a bevy of controls with a wide selection of pads, encodes and buttons.

The midi controller is flexible and can function by letting one take command of the virtual instruments and the plugins on stage and off stage. The keys have a realistic feel; they are also solid and large.

It provides a seamless visual feedback through the illuminated knobs and buttons.

The Alesis V series is a digital application that can be downloaded for free and contains free lessons whereby an aspiring musician can learn and grow by helping you learn the instruments.

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Features of the Alesis V25 MIDI Keyboard

  • It has a program called Xpand!2 that synthesizes sound
  • It contains 25 full sized semi-weighted velocity sensitive keys
  • It has 24 assignable knobs and buttons for easy control
  • Also has an Ableton software
  • The Alesis V25 has an adjustable velocity curve setting for keys and pads
  • It has pitch and modulation wheels for expanding the expressive capabilities of the performer
  • There are ultra-compact controllers so one can easily carry it on the road
  • The controllers are USB hub powered and do not need an external power supplier
  • The controllers are easy to install and do not need a specific driver
  • Can function on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 as well Mac operating systems which are 10.4.11 and above.
  • It contains programmable buttons used for sending and changing midi cc messages to the program and can also function as latching or toggle buttons
  • It doesn’t contain preprogrammed sounds
  • The Alesis v series comes with a free software editor

Benefits of the Alesis V25

  • The layout and design of the pads are nice and convenient because you do not need to overlap other keys and buttons to use, compared to other midi keyboards.
  • Their keyboard keys are semi-weighted which means that the keys are a bit heavier and have resistance when you press them.
  • It is relatively cheaper at around 89 dollars compared to other digital keyboards.
  • Has starter software which supports auto mapping to ensure that things work automatically. They include Ableton Live Lite 9 and Xpand!2.
  • Extremely portable and convenient
  • Can be quickly set up, therefore saves time
  • The knobs and sliders are easy to map and can help in automating the keyboard.
  • You can easily assign any of the pads or buttons with a couple of clicks.
  • Suitable for those with limited space that is why its compact and lightweight

Dimensions Of Alesis V25 Midi Keyboard

The dimensions of the Alexis V25 Midi keyboard are 9.6 x 24.6 x 4.53 in

Advantages of Alesis V25

  • Can be set up easily
  • Great choice for people on a budget
  • The options can be easily changed
  • The Alesis v25 can be carried anywhere because it is lightweight.
  • It is durable because it was constructed with quality material
  • It is versatile
  • Easy to map the knobs and can be tweaked and assigned to different parameters.
  • Provides tactile control by offering advantages associated with a hardware mixer.



There are a few disadvantages compared to the advantages, which is quite good for the consumer. These disadvantages include;

  • It doesn’t come with a stand or bench
  • Some customers don’t like the semi-weighted keys and prefer them to be springier.
  • You have to install software in order to readjust the velocity settings.

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Alesis V 25 keyboard controller offers a lot of variety and options for only a measly amount of 89 dollars at Amazon. Be sure to check out more information about the pricing on the site as this is just an estimation of the current price and not quite accurate.

Conclusion on the Alesis v25

MIDI keyboards are the revolutionary and therefore, having one for yourself or your team is the best decision one can make for the purposes of your music or any other activity. While on the market and in need of purchasing a Midi Keyboard controller, please ensure that the one you choose suits your needs and preferences and is above your budget level. Also, consider that the digital keyboard is of good quality and from a reputable manufacturer. They come in different shapes and sizes so you should also ensure that the keyboard is portable and will not cause a hassle while moving around. It is a great investment for people who are doing music either professionally or unprofessionally.

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