5 Things To Do When Quarantined Coronavirus

With national emergency being called in the United States, amidst global pandemic, the writers at Digital Piano Review extend their deepest condolences to anyone affected gravely by the Coronavirus, Covid-19. It’s unfortunate, but its reality, that most of us are stuck at home due to a worldwide quarantine that is keeping people inside of their homes no matter what.

Musical Concerts, theater shows, museums, everything has basically shut their doors due to the Coronavirus impact. Arts, films, and other things are going to be affected greatly due to the shutdowns.

So, in this article we are going to discuss 5 things that you can do when you are stuck at home during the Coronavirus quarantines. Whether or not we have been told to stay home due to law, right now it is basically common courtesy for you to stay inside the house. Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to spend more time inside of the house.

Sitting on the couch can get quite boring, and you might find yourself wanting to pick up a new hobby or thing to do. Let’s go over some options as to what you can do to learn a hobby if you are interested in keeping yourself busy while stuck inside the house.

1. Learn To Play Digital Piano

Let’s be honest, we are a little biased here. Learning to play Digital Piano is a great way to keep yourself busy. Learning a new instrument can help you reduce stress. You will feel much better with reduced stress by spending time on learning the digital piano. Imagine spending your time sitting down and learning the piano instead of worrying about whats going on in the world right now. You can safely sit inside your home and spend time there without having to go outside. Read our guide on the best digital pianos here. Digital pianos are an affordable way to keep yourself busy, while learning something creative that can expand your mind.

Learning piano can help keep you healthier while also increasing your confidence. There are a number of benefits to learning piano, that we will get into in another article. Let’s move on to the second thing to do while quarantined with Coronavirus.

2. Do A Puzzle

Puzzles are another way to keep yourself busy for a long period of time while not spending too much energy or resources. It does not cost a lot of money to play a puzzle so you can pick up this hobby with ease and without spending too much. Grab your favorite 500 piece or 1000 piece puzzle and go to town. If you want to do a puzzle you can always pick a puzzle of something that you relate to. Whether you like disney or a landscape scene with a pretty sky, you can pick a puzzle that relates to you and get it finished up. You can do a puzzle with a loved one or simply by yourself. If you are at home quarantined for Coronavirus, and want to stay busy, think about doing a puzzzle.

3. Binge Watch a TV Show

With so many new tv shows out to watch, there are a bunch that you could think of I’m sure. If you are wanting to binge watch a TV show while you are quarantined on Coronavirus, you aren’t the only one. Everyone and their brother is starting a new show it seems like. With restaurants and barrs being closed down, its not surprising that more people are tuning into streaming services like Netflix, Youtube, and more to get their fix on binge watching. Now that we have ample time to stay at home, watching TV shows might be a great way to kill some time if you are stuck at home during the quarantine Coronavirus.

4. Clean Your House

Sorry, Charlie. You aren’t getting off easy this time. You know that yo have been putting off deep cleaning your home. Maybe now is the time to move around some furniture, break out that vaccuum, and do some cleaning at your house. Unfortunately, the stores are going to be out of hand sanitizers, soaps, toilet paper, and other cleaning supplies, but if you have them laying around then you are all set. Cleaning your house is a very smart option because you will be left with a sanitary house that you know is free of Coronavirus. So go ahead and take this time to clean your house and update us as to how that goes.

5. Read a book

Did you know that people still read? If you have a phone, you can read any book out there! Stop watching youtube videos for a second and pick up one of those book things that everyone has been talking about the past few decades. Brainstorm some of your favorite hobbies and read a nonfiction book to learn about it. Or grab a history book and learn some history about a county that you might have been thinking about visiting. Regardless of what book you read, you will feel much better after. Reading a book is known to have a positive impact on the brain and your mind. Use this time to read a book.

That wraps up 5 things to do while stuck at home with Coronavirus. Remember to wash your hands and stay sanitary if possible, and make sure to do social distancing. We have a duty as citizens to help stop spreading this disease to reduce the impact on the global economy.

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