17 Best Yamaha Digital Pianos to Buy In 2020

The Yamaha digital pianos in 2020

Shopping for a Yamaha Keyboard Digital Piano? Yamaha makes incredible digital pianos that work for everyone from beginners to advanced. In case you are one of those people that are looking for buying a new digital piano in the market. Unfortunately, there are a lot of options out there which make you confuse and you are not sure about which brand or model to go for. This does not matter that whether you are a beginner or an experienced piano player, making a choice at buying something is always going to be difficult.

There are plenty of options out there, but we are going to discuss that whether they are worth it or not. From the acoustics pianos to digital emulations for your home or stage, let’s get in to more details to find the best digital pianos of 2020. There is no doubt that its often difficult to know from where to begin, whether you are looking for the best cheap pianos or for the high end models Yamaha Digital Pianos have it all.

Most of people frequently ask us to recommend the best pianos of the year, 2019 is near to end and you might need a list that you can buy in 2020. So, here we are with plenty of options that you can buy from only one brand and that is Yamaha.

Once you are done with setting a specific budget for yourself, now you have to decide that for what purpose you need the piano as in for home or for stage. Your choice might be dependent on such factors, make sure you decide that whether you would like to go for real acoustic upright or a digital model in pianos.

What’s there when you choose acoustic?

if you choose to go for an acoustic one, then there are various factors that you should take in to consideration. Such as the cost of regular tuning and the environment/atmosphere at your house (this involved the moisture or damp/cold atmosphere of the room that can have an impact on the tuning/components).

Even if you buy the best piano in the world, but you have not taken in to consideration these factor beforehand then the performance of piano will be disappointing. If you do not maintain it properly, the potential and performance of the piano will be affected.

All of these concerns are there, but if you have the budget to afford an acoustic piano then there is nothing else you need. Nowadays, people are too much into buying the Digital pianos generally because they feel and sounds great. Yamaha keyboards will leave you happy and prepared for learning to play digital piano.

What is there to consider when buying Digital pianos?

The few factors to consider while buying the stage pianos, are that whether you need it for a live session or for gigs. They do not come with built-in speakers but you can adjust it with the portable ones. You need to keep in mind that as they are heavy you will be needing two to three person to move the piano around.

There is no doubt that Yamaha has contributed a lot towards making the music more popular by developing the digital pianos in last century. These efforts are undeniable. Yamaha has come up with quality and affordability, their instruments are known to the world. So, today we will be looking in to 17 best digital pianos by Yamaha that you can buy in 2020.

Digital pianos are getting popular day by day specially for those that are looking for something affordable and light in weight. Yamaha digital pianos are extremely good quality instruments, since they have launched. Their quality and price kept evolving and getting better. There are some features that are been incorporated in the instruments in order to make the best choice of year 2020.

In this whole review we will be comparing the digital pianos offered by the Yamaha, let’s get in to more details of why you should buy these. 

1. Yamaha DGX-660

As far as the DXG-660 is concerned, it is considered an awesome upgrade to DGX-650 and everyone is familiar of the fact that it is one of the best-selling models of Yamaha.

YAMAHA DGX-660 - Best yamaha to buy in 2020
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DXG-660 is an 88-keyed digital piano by Yamaha, and each one of it has Grade Hammer Standard weighting, when an action is simply put it is heavier on the lower register and this gets lighter as soon as you travel up to then to recreate the tactile mechanism response of the traditional piano.

Not only that, it has the touch response settings mechanism, which means you have the options of soft, medium, hard and fixed. These are the built-in details but along with that it comes with its intelligent acoustic control and DSP based damper resonance, all of these features are amazing and makes a very realistic substitute.

In the previous model of DXG-650, the polyphony was 128-notes, in this updated model it has gone up to 192-note so it’s a win. This adds a lot to the sound quality. In total it has 151 and 15 drum/sfx kits but you can always increase the sound further with the help of XGlite. You can always incorporate the Yamaha iOS Apps for the purpose of more fun.

2. Yamaha DXB 660B

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Even though this is a different variant of a previously reviewed it just had to be on the list for one very simple reason. Piano lovers buy electric pianos because the acoustic ones are more expensive than the rest. So one of the features a pianist will require is one that sounds as near as possible to the original. That being said this model has a triple pedal block which the settings on this beauty are so diverse you can pick and choose your own settings to allow your own personal touch into the melodies you make. This piano has a USB port allowing you to add MIDI into the piano directly which is viewable through the LCD screen. Another feature built into this bad boy allows even beginners to sound like a music virtuoso due to the in-built smart chord function that even selects an accompanying virtual band for you. This piano is one of the biggest in the market due to its large variety of music ensembles. Yamaha REFACE DX Portable FM Synthesizer is very high end for advanced players who want MIDI connectivity and want to sound like a professional musician. Modern technology helps create one of the best digital pianos on the market.


1. Versatile due to modern technology

2. It has more than 88 keys

3. Triple paddle lock

4. GHS action weighting

3. Yamaha P-125

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Now if you are a simple pianist that does not like the use of all of those advantages that technology brings and just want a simple piano that sounds like a real acoustic one then definitely check Yamahas P-115 or P125 since it delivers all that in a good price. This piano uses the CF sampling of 9 foot CFIIS of a grand piano that can belt out tunes just like an authentic acoustic. Within its arsenal is a digital signaling processor that allows for more authentic tones to be played by the pianist. This piano like the previous one also features 88 keys like a grand piano and even has the ability to be split in two so that two people can play at the same time.


1. 88 keys grand piano

2. 128 notes can be played

3. Can be bought in a bundle with all the bells and whistle a new pianist would need.

4. Yamaha P71

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This is Yamahas top of the line piano that offers everything a pianist could possibly need.  This comes with the maximum polyphony in the Yamaha arsenal which is 256 notes which is the closest a Yamaha piano can get to an acoustic sounding piano. This enables the piano to sound like the CIIFI grand piano. It comes with an in built touch screen display that makes it really easy to swipe and select the settings you want. This too is full size at 88 keys but unlike some of the other models it is surprisingly light enough for you to pick up and travel with. This model even comes with some great accessories that are sold separately like the furniture style piano stand.


1. 88 keys

2. 256 polyphonic notes

3. In built touch screen display

4. Top of the line

5. Cool accessories

5. Yamaha P 125

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Now if you do not want to splurge on the top of the line 225 serious Yamaha offers you can always go to the middle ranked P-125 version. This does not offer all the bells and whistles like the previously reviewed model but it has its advantages. Not only is this piano cost effective it comes with GHS weighted keys and is also modelled on the CFIIS grand piano to sound as close to possible as an acoustic. It comes with an app that connects your phone to your piano allowing you to add your favorite music and tunes.


1. Cost effective

2. Comes with an app

3. CF sound

4. GHS Weighted

6. Yamaha YDP 142R Arius Series digital Piano

View the YDP142r product here.

This is one of Yamahas best digital pianos especially when it comes to value for money. It comes with 88 keys with the classic weighted action that Yamaha is known to deliver. This model is also based on the sound of a CFIIS grand piano so it delivers when it comes to realistic acoustic sounds. Due it being modelled on a CFIIS piano the weighted hammers allow for a lighter touch when it comes to heavy tones and a heavy touch when it comes to lighter ones allowing for beautiful melodies to resonate from this piano. Within it are also in built tones of other instruments so you can mix it up.


1. 88 keys

2. Value for money

3. CF sound

4. comes in built with other instruments

7. Yamaha Arius 181

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This is a great Yamaha digital piano especially for beginner pianists. Its 88 keys can deliver 128 polyphonic tones which allow it to sound as naturally possible to an acoustic piano. This piano can make any novice sound like a pro due to the way it is designed. It even houses three damper pedals to add to its arsenal. Three different levels can be used in this piano hard, medium and soft allow for a larger range of melodies and music styles to be performed.


1. Beginner level piano

2. 88 keys

3. 128 polyphony

4. Cost effective

8. Yamaha P45, 88-key digital piano

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This digital piano by Yamaha is as simple as it gets. It has 88 GHS keys for that realistic effect that an acoustic would have. Within its arsenal is the advanced wave memory which allows the piano to play real acoustic sounding melodies. It has 10 in built demos that can mimic grand pianos and vibraphones. It has four levels of touch sensitivity that allows the user to play different types of tunes.


1. Perfect for beginners

2. Not expensive

3. 88 GHS keys

4. Advanced wave memory

9. Yamaha YPG 525

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This digital piano is one of the lightest digital pianos Yamaha could build. Weighing in at just 18 pounds this beauty is light as they come allowing for great portability. This comes with Yamahas education suite which is a great tool for teaching new beginners how to play the piano perfectly. There are five equalizer sounds to allow the pianist to belt out a variety of tunes. This is not as big as the grand pianos only coming with 76 keys but it is the best suited for beginners


1. Lightweight

2. Comes with Yamaha education suite

3. 76 keys

4. Great for beginners

10. Yamaha YPG 535

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The Yamaha YPG 535 is one of the best Yamaha digital pianos on the market. It is small so not as big as a grand piano which is a benefit to some pianists. It is very beautifully designed and offers 127 Accessible voices combine that with the 361 XGlite voices this bad boy produced melodies like a pro. It comes with a nice backlit screen and even has assisted touch mode that will choose the best possible tone for you when you are playing and works on both the left and right hand so it gets the tones exactly right as you play depending on how you press the keys. It even comes with a USB port so you can transfer all your favorite tunes to your piano from your laptop and vice versa.


1. Small size

2. Perfect for beginners and veterans

3. 127 accessible voices

4. Not expensive

11. Yamaha Arius YDP-143

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This beauty is one of the best digital pianos produced by Yamaha. Amazingly this piano has all the bells and whistles that are possibly needed in a piano. It has always come with the GHS 88 keys so you know those weighted keys are going to hammer out tunes that are synonymous with the Yamaha name. The sound comes from the fantastic CF engine which produces pure melodies that are like heaven to the ears. The sounds are reproduced from the fantastic CIIF grand piano that make it as sweet sounding as any acoustic piano would. This beauty by Yamaha even comes with 50 in built classical songs so you can jam to some Beethoven whenever you want.


1. One of the best on market

2. Samples from CIIF grand piano

3. Pure CF engine

4. 50 in built classical songs

12. Yamaha P71

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This digital piano is one of the best designed especially for beginners. The weighted piano is full size with 88 keys that allows a novice to produce music like a true protégé. The slim and sleek design makes it look cool and modern as well. Best of all it only weighs 25 pounds making it as portable as possible. The weighted keyboard comes with 10 in built tones from grand pianos. It even comes with a duo mode that allows two voices to be combined together. All of those features combined with the weighted keys make this piano a true blessing for all those new and budding novices.


1. Not expensive

2. Great for beginners

3. 10 in built tones

4. Duo mode

13. Yamaha Clavinova CSP 170

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This is one of the best and most luxurious digital piano on the market. This marvel of technology brings together the elegant and graceful sounds of the classic acoustic grand pianos with the beautiful modern designs of the digital pianos. Unlike the Arius range this gorgeous piece of kit comes with wooden keys taking the experience to a whole new level. The piano has many things on its arsenal and these include the CFX sound engine but that is not all. It also comes with the Bösendorfer imperial grand piano sound which just makes the sounds coming out of this beautiful creation to levels of complete euphoria. It also comes with 692 voices and 470 songs for you to play along and practice to your hearts content. This beauty even comes with a USB port and a smart app to make transfer of those gorgeous melodies as streamlines as possible. This piano is truly on another level.


1. Top of the line

2. Bösendorfer imperial grand piano sound

3. 692 voices

4. 470 play along songs

5. Comes with smart app

14. Yamaha CP40 or Yamaha CP300 stage:

Yamaha Cp300

Find the newest recommended Yamaha CP Here.

The Yamaha CP40 stage is another great choice for musicians since it is a great digital piano. Sound and feel has been like many of Yamahas best digital pianos, been copied from a CIIF grand piano. The defining feature is that it has sounds from the Yamaha Motif which is a legend in its own right. This beautiful machine comes with VCM effects which make the piano sound as closely possible as an acoustic would. As always this type of piano comes with weighted keys so it produces great sounds. It has a very easy and simple user interface that is lighted for you to easily see the settings. It is also lightweight and portable.


1. Motif sound

2. CIIF grand piano

3. VCM effects

15. Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series

Gus weighted action makes this piano fantastic. Heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys just like an acoustic piano, gives you a wide range of play style that you can form to your unique play style. The beautiful matte black key tops are designed to absorb moisture and remain consistent and true to their look throughout your ownership of this beautiful Yamaha YDP103 series. On the list of best Yamaha Pianos, this YDP103 Arius Series is one of the top pianos that are available to you. Combine two voices together with dual mode for example piano and strings, and give yourself a unique new playing experience. Advanced wave memory stereo sampling recreates natural instrument feel and sound in stereo feel for great music playing experience.

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